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Cycling gear at Aldi this Thursday!

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  • Think I'll have one of those track pumps, just leave at work, for emergencies.
    I have some of the winter socks, and they have been brill, so will be getting some of the summer variety, and the Gillet look good too.
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  • Looks like I'm making a trip to Aldi! I've got a Crane cycle jacket that is pretty nice (packs into its own pocket, yellow/black with reflective piping)...having a track pump at work just in case is a great idea too! Couple pairs of socks and those underwear sound like a plan... :) Thanks for the notice!
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  • mrwibblemrwibble Posts: 980
    I was an aldi man until I bought a pair of Cannondale shorts and the chamois is really amazing. Sometimes you pay for what you get.
  • phil_ss1phil_ss1 Posts: 194
    Why o why didn't they do the Gilet in yellow as well?????
  • I've been using the glasses for a year and reckon another pair is a sound investment. 8)
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