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tartan sockstartan socks Posts: 10
edited April 2008 in Tour & expedition
2 weeks ago on a wet day I suffered 4 punctures.
Last week,I had two more and today after replacing tube with brand new(Nutrak) left pumped up overnight I managed 100yds before the tyre defated very fast.
I have checked tyre,rim,spokes etc and am puzzled as to what is going on.
Any thoughts???


  • bofbof Posts: 372
    Something basic is wrong, probably.

    Are your tyres very lightweight?
    Did you check your tyre very carefully for bits of glass embedded in it after the puncture?
    Are your punctures single hole - ie sharp object or two hole("snakebite") which should be very rare if you pump the tyres up properly?
    Have you got rim tape fitted?
    Do you pass by a building site - I had lots of problems once with little bits of wire causing punctures - it stopped when I changed my commute to avoid a site.
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