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Advice please - Condor Heritage vs King of Mercia

MuzakMuzak Posts: 78
edited May 2008 in Tour & expedition

Trying to choose between one of these two frame/fork combos to build up for commuting and touring (light and occasional medium loads). Looking for some advice from the forum.

Condor Heritage £499 (frame, fork, headset)
Mercian King of Mercia (custom frame, fork) 631 = £505, 725 = £640, 853 = £735

Thanks :D


  • culverwoodculverwood Posts: 256
    The custom frame of course.
  • MuzakMuzak Posts: 78
    culverwood wrote:
    The custom frame of course.

    I already have a custom design and the off-the-shelf bike is a good match to that so have options here. The custom 631 K.O.M. is the same price as the stock Heritage which is made of SAT 14.5. Does anyone happen to know if these tubesets are of similar quality, weight etc

    I am guessing 631 is on the robust side and don't understand the other Mercian tube options - is 631, 725 or 853 best for a light tourer and commuter?

  • culverwoodculverwood Posts: 256
    If both bikes have a very similar geometry which is a good match for your existing custom frame the choice is open. In this case I would look at how easy it is to get to either shop from where you live and tend to prefer the closer one. Having said that I assume the Mercian will be available in whatever colour you choose which may matter.

    Lets face it either are great bikes for light touring and personally I would go for the 631 only because I could spend the money saved elsewhere and I do not believe that the other tube give significant advantages.
  • igaiga Posts: 155
    The Reynolds site gives you the different characteristics of their tubing, don't know how it compares to SAT 14.5. Most light touring/audax frames seem to be made of 631 (a good weight/strength/price compromise) but the advantage of Mercian would be they'd advise you on all this as well. Have to say that if I could afford to go custom I'd do it.
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