Surly Steamroller £337 complete ???

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I've been seriously looking at the possibility of getting a Surly Steamroller for a while now and the Uk price is around £600 but I came across this price from JensonUSA and thought too good to be true surely :roll: Shipping is £72 so still £400 plus ... Specs appear pretty much the same compared to other stockists (wiggle/evans/surly's website)

Pros and Cons ??



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    Major con: Tax. When it comes into the country, customs will, more likely than not, tax you on it, and the bike won't be released until you've paid. Not a problem if you have the £600 you were going to pay set aside, but if you only have £400 available for the bike, you're stuffed when the extra bill comes along.
  • Thanks whyamihere

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    Check it out before ordering but the only tax should be VAT (I moved from UK to AUS 5 years ago so may be out of date with the current rules). If that's still the case then it will still be much cheaper so the only downside is that you can't just put to the shop when anything goes wrong.
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    You'd pay both VAT and import duty totalling around 32% of the original price. I think the VAT is charged on the shipping costs too so it'll cost you closer to £525.

    It's all explained here.
  • Thanks again people - though it was too good to be true but I was slightly lured by all the prices being in £ stirling (but of course not the Tax) :(
    Good point DaveR1 - not exactly my LBS is it ?

  • If you have an american friend with an APO you could get it shipped that way.

    one has to ask the question, how can a bike made in the UK then shipped to the states be cheaper than it is here? I thought the Dollar was weak?

    Roughly 2 dollars to the pound, so why isn't the bike 1200 dollars?
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  • I'm sure Surly are based in America ...

    Surly Intergalactic Domination Headquarters is just south of Minneapolis, Minnesota, in Bloomington