Charge size question

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I was thinking of buying the new Charge Racer that was coming out to use as a commuting bike and to help my pedaling action but I see the smallest size is 56.5cm and I normally rise a 52cm or 53cm with the post up bout 8cm. So is the frame to big and should I forget about it? Obviously I cant test ride one the now as it isn't available yet and nowhere local has any Plugs left to size against.


  • Sizing these days is a minefield. When you say your usual mount is 52cm or 53cm how are you measuring that? Seat tube centre to centre or centre to top, there can be a couple of cm difference between those two? And that's before you consider whether your top tube is horizontal or sloping? A better measurement would be the top tube length, or if your top tube slopes the effectivel top tube length. The latter is a horizontal line measured from the centre of the head tube at the top tube junction to the centre of the seat tube. This allows you to better compare the sizing of bikes with varying slopes of top tube.

    The good news is that the top tube length on the small Plug is 53.5cm which sounds like it might be in your ball park.

    Having said all that, I reckon the Plug Racer is maybe a tad over priced for the hardware you get considering it's a plain gauge frame. I've heard a price quoted of £70 over the standard Plug, if that's true I just can't see where they are finding the extra.
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  • Thanks for the help. I actually meant the Freestyle which is about the same price as the Plug