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Don't get sucked in by 'comfy' saddles

beanston1975beanston1975 Posts: 66
A bit controversial this one, but are confy saddles that have the cut out channel really any good?

I normally have a Charge Spoon saddle which is very confortable, even for all day rides, despite not being that padded. Last week I cycled to my local shops (for local people) and went to the post office. When I came back my seatpost and saddle had been nicked (many thanks to the qr). Fortunately I had spares - my spare saddle is a Spesh BG, which has a load of padding. I went out on a ride and within about 10 minutes my - ahem - 'giggleberries' felt as though they had been given a good kicking. It eventually went off but post ride my 'inbetween' area was very sore.

I suppose my point is that even though a saddle may look comfortable with loads of padding, it's best to try as many types as you can until you find one that fits your posterior. After all, I read a topic last week where someone was praising the comfort of the Tioga Spyder, and that looks like a torture device!!!
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  • Dr_DeathDr_Death Posts: 1,262
    Seats are a very individual thing. Depends on your exact anatomy and preferred riding style, bike set up and seat angle. What one person finds comfortable others may find to be an instrument of torture.

    As you say best thing is to try as many as you can before you buy....

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  • clantonclanton Posts: 1,287
    As above seats are very individual but I've found all the Spesh seats I've used to be very good indeed. Before ditching it have a try with differing angles etc on the seat.
  • dunkerdunker Posts: 1,503
    soft seats are okay on short rides but after an hour or two something like my bel air which i spose is a bit on the soft side just gets more and more painful. my spoon though starts out less comfy than the bel air (though it's very comfy now) but does'nt get any worse so yeah i agree, harder is better heh.
  • Of all the saddles I've tried, the Spoon is the comfiest for me, closely followed by WTB Rocket-V, then my mate's Fizik Gobi, with the Spesh bringing up the rear, so to speak!!
    My Build is almost complete - I just need some wheels and pedals!
  • KonaMikeKonaMike Posts: 805
    I love my Charge Spoon ,comfy,fairly light,looks good and only £20 :)
  • endurojcbendurojcb Posts: 167
    I've not tried the Charge Spoon, but I can recomend the Selle Italia XO Trans Am. It has a cut out and it seems to make things a lot more comfy for me with less pressure on my never area!
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  • GrantyBoyGrantyBoy Posts: 166
    Also takes a wee while for saddles to break in, just like a new pair or shoes.
  • sparrowlegs78sparrowlegs78 Posts: 2,583
    I must have a cast iron bum..i find my WTB deva saddle comfy...and thats lik a wafer :lol:
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