Thinking of selling a classic fixed.

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My Saxon twin tube.{This is not a for sale add} ... 456895069/

It is to small for me at 21.1/2. 26 " wheels A rare classic fixed .I have no real idea on price ,At the end of the day ,it is what people are perpared to fork out......I have gone off e bay .To many time wasters,asking pointless questions. I am not a Vcc member. All sensible idea's welcome.


  • Pete Beer
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    Gosh that's nice. Luckily I'm biked up...................
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    You just KNEW I'd just have to look, didn't you bagpuss? And it IS my size - but I can't possibly afford it!

    For best price I suspect you'll have to grit your teeth with dumbass questions ("how's it gotten two tubes, maister?") on ebay! Or ditto V-CC ("it'd be a goodun if it were in th'original rust!").

    What about CTC For Sales (if a member)?

    I know some discerning folk on here, but rather a small audience!

    Keep it - I've shrunk at least an inch with age - you might grow into it!
    "Cancel my subscription to the resurrection."
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    stunning bicycle.

    you could try a listing on

    it's a unique frame, you ask what you wanted, bearing in mind dogsballs slapped a £1000 bin on his holdsworth.
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    Yep CTC. I'd avoid lfgss all chat no this site has worked for me, eh chaps...........