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Chain Stuck?

MilkieMilkie Posts: 377
edited April 2008 in MTB workshop & tech

I have no idea how this happened. Well, I felt the chain go loose as I tried putting down the power then it siezed up. The chain got stuck between the two chainrings.

Luckily with some careful twisting and pulling it came out, with no damage.

Thank god I dont think I need to buy a new chain!


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    you middle chainring looks worn. and looks like you have bent a few links.
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  • icedmindicedmind Posts: 206
    it should be fine when u loosen the chainring bolt
    i think u are looking for new rings as well
    and nxt time may be looker for thicker outerring so it can stuck in between it
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  • MilkieMilkie Posts: 377
    I think you guys are right.

    After a good clean, I took a look at the middle chainring. It does look like a couple of the teeth are slightly chewed.

    I checked the chain too, now that took time! That seems fine to me, all the rollers are rolling, no stiff links, no bent links and no gouging.

    Think I'm going to order a Race Face Team Edition Middle Chainring. Hopefully it will fit.. :?
  • dhutchdhutch Posts: 343
    Im getting wickid chain suck at the moment. Its eating metal of my frame as well.

    Ive got a brand new chain, and the rings have only done 6months and look fine too. Cassetes and derailer are the same age too as also look fine.

    I think im going to stick some new chain rings on anyway, because i cant get to the bottom of it any other way and im no my second chain in as many weeks, not to mention damage to the frame.

  • MilkieMilkie Posts: 377

    When you replaced the chain did you replace the rear sprockets too?
    If you replace a chain, you must also replace the rear cassette/sprockets.
  • dhutchdhutch Posts: 343
    Well no, its the orignal chain rings as cassete.
    - The chain wasnt too far gone, and so for what was only the second chain i didnt see the need and they looked fine.

    Plus although a worn cassette will accellerate wear and might cause issues with the chain skiping, i struggle to see how i would cause chain suck.
    - That would be upto the chain rings, or maybe chain.

  • MilkieMilkie Posts: 377

    I'm not a tech guru when it comes to bikes....

    You're problem sounds like a problem my mate had, going back about ten years.. His problem was he fitted the wrong chain to his bike... In the end he had to replace the chain rings, cassette, derailier and chain...

    But then he did ride it for 4 years with the wrong chain! Something to do with IG and HG chains...

    Are you sure you have the correct chain?
  • dhutchdhutch Posts: 343
    The chain im using is the SRAM PC 951 9sp chain, which is what was fitted wheni had the bike serviced the once, and i beleave it is suitable/compatable with the Shimano crankset and cassette (FC-M442-8 crankset, with 9sp rear cassette)

    But if you cna advise otherwise im open to any suggestions.

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