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Any Tyre Recommendations?

sensible_shoessensible_shoes Posts: 2
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Hi all,

I'm currently using Schwalbe Racing Ralphs on my commute which is 11 miles each way, half on canal tow-path, half on the road.

Although I'm really happy with them from a speed/grip perspective, I'd really like something with more puncture resistance.

Any suggestions for a tyre that's got good puncture prevention and is still fairly fast (oh, and one that won't see me sliding into the canal when conditions get muddy :) )?



  • JameyJamey Posts: 2,152
    Allow me to be the first (probably of many) to recommend Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres from a puncture-resistance perspective. For straight reliability they are hard to beat.

    The only real downside is that they can be a bit tricky to fit, sometimes needing levers to get them onto the rim. But once they're on, you won't have to take them off very often (or ever, if you're lucky).
  • andrewc3142andrewc3142 Posts: 906
    I've fitted Marathons in the past but my Condor came with Hutchison Quartz tyres (which I'd never used before) and with a long mileage so far no punctures. Reasonably free-rolling and excellent in the wet. I'll replace with the same, at least on that bike. Oh, and nice colours.
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