Washing breathable jackets

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My Altura Nightvision needs a wash after last nights downpour. All the advice on cycling websites and on the reproofing instructions say that you should tumble dry the jacket to reactivate the waterproofing. The label in the jacket says "do not tumble dry". Has anybody got any advice for me before I potentially wreck it!


  • fizz
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    Hang it up somewhere warm like your airing cupboard if you have one.

    I defo wouldnt put it in the tumbledryer.
  • scapaslow
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    I would tend to go with the washing instructions on the garment if you are unsure. I've certainly never tumbled dried any of my cycling clothes and they are still going strong. My showerproof breathable jacket still seems as showerproof as new- a couple of years ago.
  • dboden
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    I always throw a cap full of this in... :wink:

    http://www.skyblueleisure.co.uk/acatalo ... h_300.html