Manchester to Blackpool

JKO Posts: 29
I have signed up for the Manchester to Blackpool Ride in mid July and I wonder if anybody did this last year. It is 60 miles and will be my first ride of that distance. I am currently in training and expect to be well capable of the milage by then.

However, just wondered what the terrain is like. Are there many hills and, importantly, are they steep !


  • gkerr4
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    i did it last year - and will again this year if I have recovered from my knee surgery in time.

    there is a little bit of a drag up to Haigh hall - other than that, there aren't really any climbs

    don't worry - you will be fine - there were 4500 other cyclists last year - they will just carry you along!! - it's a really good day!
  • JKO
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    Thanks for the quick respone. Sounds good - really looking forward to it.
  • davelakers
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    Good day out. It was my first big ride and found it a piece of piss. It was this ride that got me hooked and got me to sell my Hybrid and get a "proper" bike!!
  • TomF
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    It's pretty flat all the way there and back (you are riding back, aren't you.... :D )

  • CumbrianMan
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    Like everyone else says, it's an easy ride, with just the odd climb in there.
    When you get to Stanley Park in Blackpool, they have it barriered off with a run in to the finish line, and everyone is cheering you on.
    I had a sprint with 3 or 4 other guys to the line - great fun.

    Then we rode back to Mcr. Ended up with a saddle shaped bruise on my backside (!) and a big grin on my face, as it was first time I'd done 120miles in one day.

    Just keep your wits about you as you leave Mcr, as I heard a few people coming down !

    Good luck. :D
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