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Focus VS Genesis

twicemonkeytwicemonkey Posts: 94
edited May 2008 in XC and Enduro
Hey all.

I'm planning on buying a new XC bike for both XC riding (maybe some racing) and the daily commute (which is around 8 miles long), and I've whittled it down to 2 bike within my budget.

I've got the Genesis Core 30: CLICK HERE

And the Focus Black Forest: CLICK HERE

My problem now is I'm not sure which one to get. Normally in this situation I'd test ride both, but the focus can only be bought from Wiggle (mail order), so I'm stuck.

I've tried a Genesis Core 40 and liked it (I was comparing it to a Specialized Rockhopper Pro and thought the Core 40 was better), so I'm kinda swaying towards te Core 30 as I think it will be almost as good as the 40, but I would like other people's opinions before I fork over £700.

All helpful words are appreciated.

I may love XC, but I won't shave my legs, dammit!

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  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Wiggle do a try before buy via the post! Worth enquiring about. I'm in no doubt that it has the best spec.
  • TorresTorres Posts: 1,266
    Recently purchased a Black Forest. Top bike, really great spec, light it.
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  • juankerrjuankerr Posts: 1,099
    I don't think you'd go wrong with either of these..or a Merlin Malt 4.
  • Cheers Torres

    And to juankerr: I totally agree with you....but that's exactly why I'm stuck. I find it difficult enough to decide what to buy for lunch, lol.
    I may love XC, but I won't shave my legs, dammit!
  • The SpidermanThe Spiderman Posts: 5,625
    Better forks and wheels on the Black Forest.Black Forest is a little more XC-race in character,if you want to go fast,Genesis looks a bit more laid back and might be the better all rounder.

    Personally I`m a sucker for anthing that`s light and fast and most of my rides are quick blasts,so I marginally prefer the Focus,but for all day comfort on trails,the Genesis might be better.
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  • KonaMikeKonaMike Posts: 805
    Another vote for the Focus here !! Good forks and generally better spec !
  • JustinjuredJustinjured Posts: 142
    another vote for focus!! superb bikes!
  • TorresTorres Posts: 1,266
    Cheers Torres
    No worries mate. I'm aking it out on Sunday for the first time off road. i'll give it a good thrashing and let you know how its stands up.
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  • Thanks for the extra comments (and votes)

    Also, I look forward to your feedback from the trails, Torres.

    I'm starting to sway towards the Focus now.
    I may love XC, but I won't shave my legs, dammit!
  • TorresTorres Posts: 1,266
    Back from the trails folks. Review anyone?

    The first thing that you notice about the Black Forest is the stealth black paintwork. Ok, this has got nothing to do with the bikes performence, but it looks very nice and will turn heads. The second thing you notice is the angles. It's a very XC orientated bike. The flat bars, long top tube and racy angles mean that you can put your head down and just go; this means your peddling is more efficient, but might not be that comfortable on long days, but i'm yet to test that out. The final thing you notice, as you start riding is how light the bike feels. All the kit is light, and you really notice this at the extremities.

    The level of kit on this bike is better than any other at this level, and this really shows when you're out in the saddle.
    Rock Shox Recon - Soft, springy, air forks that soak up the bumps really well. Infinately adjustable, with rebound adjust and a remote lock out.
    Shiano Hydros - One of the more basic models, but nice stopping power none the less. Not as strong as others such as Avids, but with nice modulation.
    Schwalbe Racing Ralphs on Mavic Crossride Rims on Mavic Crossride Hubs - Strong rims, only weakness i could find is that they seem presta valve specific. Tyres seem ok, but lacked grip on the saturated Cumbrian mud, would be ok for during the summer, but for hardcore winter riding, consider something else. Finaly, the hubs make a really loud clicking. Only really noticable when freewheeling on the road, but can get annoying after a while.
    Frame and Finishing Kit
    Frame, bars, stem etc seemed strong enough, went up the hills well, and took a spanking coming down them. Nothing earth shattering, but they are fit to purpose. It depends how aggresivly you plan on riding really.

    In conclusion...
    It was a wet, windy day. On rocky, muddy loose trails. It wound up the hills better than anything i've ever ridden, and came down them very well. Quick enough to overtake a roadie (should've seen his face :wink: ) and took a complete battering (due to several [largish] crashes :oops: ) and kept going strong (unlike the rider). Over all, great bike, great kit... i challenge you to find me something better for the money.

    If you want to know anything else just ask.
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  • I didn't expect the tyres to be able to dig into the deep stuff, so not too fussed about that, nor did I expect the Shimano brakes to be as grippy, though they sound like they deliver better than I'd expect.

    The hub noise wouldn't bother me. In fact, in a weird way, I like a noisy bike (unless it's an unhealthy noise, lol) and I wouldn't be too bothered by the valve choice.

    I definitely think this is the bike for me, now. I'd spoken to a few people about second hand ones, but I couldn't find on that matched this one (according to my strange standards that make sense to no-one, but myself).

    Cheers Torres for the feedback/review. Just one more long did it take for Wiggle to deliver?
    I may love XC, but I won't shave my legs, dammit!
  • TorresTorres Posts: 1,266
    I think it was around 3-4 days, not bad for free posting really.
    Takes 24 hours to process teh order.
    Then 1 day to be picked up
    Then 1-3 days to be delivered.

    Only thing to watch out for is that its delivered by city link. There's got to be someone in to sign for it or they wont leave it. Plus they don't deliver after about 3ish, or at weekends (not without an extra charge.) But you can ask them to leave it with a neighbour (if you trust them). Plus they don't really give you a specific delivery time/date.

    Oh, and the bike needs its pedals and handlebars putting on. Wiggle kindly give you a hex wrench set (for free) so you can install the handlebars, but no pedal spanner, so if you don't have one, you'll need them. Can get them fairly cheap though.

    Oh, and one more thing (again, sorry), the pedals the bike come with leave a lot to be desired, i swapped mine for some V8's straight away. Just a thought...
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  • KongKong Posts: 757
    edited April 2008
    what is the head angle like?
    i like the look of the bike my self but i'm a fan of of steep head angles and short top tubes.
  • It's quite scary how £700 can go in just a few clicks....I've ordered it.

    It'll all be worth it when I see the CityLink van pull up.
    I may love XC, but I won't shave my legs, dammit!
  • GAWT EEET!!!

    Yet to take it for a spin as I've an essay in for tomorrow, but I'll be on it as soon as I've handed it in. YAY!!!

    For now, some piccies:





    I may love XC, but I won't shave my legs, dammit!
  • JustinjuredJustinjured Posts: 142
    what a bike! am very jealous!

    i cant believe the spec on it. even got an lx crankset when on the website it is advertised with a plain shimano one.

    cant think of any other bike that would weigh in at 11.5kg for £700 and have a reba fork.

    have ridden the killer bee and first expert at a demo day last year and they were the best 2 bikes out of about a dozen i tested!

    have you been out on it yet ??
  • SuperCoveSuperCove Posts: 127
    NICE... very impressed at the spec for the money!

    All you have to do now is find time to enjoy it?!?!
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  • twicemonkeytwicemonkey Posts: 94
    Actually, Justinjured, it's a Recon 351 fork, which is still just as impressive. An my fave part is the pop-lock. It's so much easier than mucking about trying to find the lock-off on the fork.

    Went for a quick shifty yesterday. Now about to ride from Harrow to Borehamwood.
    I may love XC, but I won't shave my legs, dammit!
  • mbrfanmbrfan Posts: 239
    Excellent purchase. I own a '07 Black Forest, and love it to bits, although I'm jealous of the forks you've got. I've recently dropped the Racing Ralphs and gone for a narrower FireXC Pro, but that's a reflection of the clay around Peterborough - the RRs were great around Swinley Forest.
    I've noticed quite a bit of rubbing of brake hose and gear cabling on the fork and head tube - although Focus have probably designed that out by now.

    I wish you many happy years of riding!

  • twicemonkeytwicemonkey Posts: 94
    I took it for a spin on a local trail yesterday and my god it's awesome. I can't stress how useful the pop-lock was....saved me so much energy. Also, bless the lord for dried apricots. Without them (and my aquapack) I wouldn't of made it up the final climb (it's a freakin' beast).

    The Racing Ralphs were a little slippy in comes parts (chalky hills and loose gravel) so I think some new tyres are in order.

    If anyone else is thinking of getting one, do....just buy some DMR V8s or something as the pedals supplied were mediocre. Other than that, awesome bike...well chuffed with my buy.
    I may love XC, but I won't shave my legs, dammit!
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