TREK Carbon Frame Warranty

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I purchased a Trek Madone 5.2 Discovery model last september. I have less than 500 miles on it and no one has worked on the bike except the mechanics at the TREK store (yes they sell only TREK). First time out this year 2 weeks ago, aired up the tires, wiped down and relubed the chain, and went 5 miles before the rear derailer pulled completely out of the threaded socket in the frame, bending the socket and stripping the threads. I was pedaling normally, not uphill. I took it back to my trusted TREK dealer and they advised that it could be fixed under warranty and I paid $50 for them to send it back to TREK. TREK calls me and advises me that it will cost me almost $500 and they keep refering to the "crash" I am 54 years old, 165lbs, and could not push this bike hard if I wanted to. I seem to have no recourse at all. The dealership recommended that I send it in to get the rear derailer repaired. They now have my bike and I will have to pay to get it back. I cannot prove that they assembled anything incorrectly. The warranty is a joke! As soon as they get a frame, they claim "crash" and you're finished. I'll never own another one.


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    No comfort to you, but neither the shop nor the supplier would find it easy to get away with such an approach in the UK. Sounds as if either hanger faulty or (as you suggest) the mech bolt was cross-threaded.

    Threaten violence sounds the best bet!
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  • Thanks. Your reply gave me a chuckle. I don't expect any comfort or satisfaction. I just want others considering a bike purchase to know what the situation is with the "warranty".
  • Even n the US your warranty is with the dealer. Take them to task. It is then their problem on the next step in the chain.

    Don't slag off a brand fo r the fault of the dealership. Take them to the cleaners
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  • Thanks. I intend to, but they have the bike and the chain, and any form of litigation I attempt will place the burden of proof on myself. This is now difficult, and maybe impossible, to prove or disprove. I will post the results of the exercise when it has run its course.
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    I've had a frame replaced by Trek and they were fine . I know 3 others who had problems and had replacement frames in the UK as well without any issues.

    Your issue is slightly different and I think you need to prove to Trek that you didn't crash.

    For the life of me I can't figure out what caused the issue and I've done exactly what you've done but on a cross bike which was caused by thick mud blocking the derailleur.

    To bend the hanger the derailuer would need to be attached to it so I could rule out badly threaded. Missalignment but then again you've done 500 miles without issue??? Chain problem? This would be easy to check. You haven't crashed so what does it leave? Blockage? Freehub?

    Any other issues? Anything that stood out at the time?
  • I am new to riding and since I took the bike in for repair, I have learned that the lightweight chain provided with thes bikes must be installed correctly. I beleive it was not and that possibly a link seperated and caught on the derraleur channel. Since they have the bike, (and they did say the chain would need to be replaced, which I am also to pay for) I don't have anything to show anyone to support my argument. I still think they handled this situation badly considering the amount of money I spent to get a new one and the fact that I took it only to them for service and inspection. I had a flat once and took the bike in to be inspected to make sure there was no damage.
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    If the chain caused this and then advise then accordinaly and in no uncertain terms.

    Crash damage is easy to spot so ask Trek for a statement in writing why they believe this to be the cause.
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    Hey, I was surfing and found this post and joined just to tell you this: Last year I bought GF a Pilot 5.0 WSD (carbon fiber). On our FIRST RIDE, the deraullier ripped off, swung around, and cracked the seat stay! Upon close inspection, it turns out a rivet came loose in chain, chain broke loose, and took everything with it. Catastrophic damage on the first ride! Of course the dealer rolled his eyes at first, but I know what happened and they could not deny it. Bottom line: Trek replaced everything within a week. I wish you the best of luck with this, my friend. I have faith you will succeed!
  • Your situation sounds identical to mine, except that I had ridden 500 miles first. I have been careful here not to exaggerate nor misrepresent the facts. Got the bill this week. Just under $500. That's about $1/mile additional to ride this thing. I think I'll get a gas guzzling SUV instead. haha.