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Single Speed Conversion

Noel PTNoel PT Posts: 627
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Ok guys, dunno if you guys have discussed this much, but forgive me if you have.

I ride a Genisis Day 01 and notice the front chainring is looking fairly worn and needs replacing, so its a good a time as any to convert to single speed. Any idea how much it would cost and what gear ratio to start with, or if its even possible with my little bike.

I am fairly fit, I do my 13 mile commute in about 40 mins depending on traffic.

Any suggestions?


  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,921
    Much has been discussed about SS conversions here. To find a gear that suits you, try riding in one gear before you commit yourself and don't change. In the run up before I made the decsion to go SS I rode for a month and changed gear 4x, 2 of those were when I caught the STI on a bike rack :lol:I chose that gear and rode with a tensioner than sat down with a pen and paper and worked out combos that would give nearly the same gear and played with some old rings/sprockets to get the magic gear, ie SS with no tensioner.
    I've added a signature to prove it is still possible.
  • Noel PTNoel PT Posts: 627
    Thanks, that should help me with the gear ratio selection.
  • karl jkarl j Posts: 517
    to save the pen & paper there are a few gear ratio calculators about

    this 'ere one isnt

    Morning route (when i don't get the train)

    Evening route ,
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