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Got a Bianchi Via Nirone with Campag Xenon last year and had some great summer rides. I'd like to upgrade the wheels this year (Ambrosia WS32 rims/Miche hubs) as I'm tempted to join a local club and try some evening 10 mile TT's.

I'm thinking of Campag... (looks are as important as performance to me). Khamsin are very cheap but will it be enough of a performance upgrade to make it worthwhile? Or should it be Vento or Scirrocco or Zonda? I want to keep things in proportion. The entire bike only cost me around £500 so I don't want to spend a similar amount on wheels especially as they'll be other upgrades in the pipeline this summer.

What would be the best price/performance combination?



  • redddraggon
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    Go for the Zondas - below that they are pretty heavy and won't be much of an Improvement. There's also the Neutrons - rated as one of the best all round clinchers.
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    agree with red - go for the zonda - good price / performance mix - basically the same wheel as the fulcrum 3's but £100 cheaper - they are £269 from ribble at the moment.