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For shorter distances I've always liked to use an MTB converted to fixed. I used to have a Muddy Fox Courier converted to fixed wheel that I loved dearly. I could do with a cheap mount for commuting and was trying to find a cheap, good quality used MTB with track ends that I could convert, but bikes like that are as rare as rocking horse poop. I don't want to start with a twenty year old bike with horizontal dropouts as I know it would turn into a major rebuild. I'd also prefer a more modern aluminium alloy frame for added stiffess. Buying new just isn't an option at the moment.

Anyhoo the new Edinburgh Bicycle Coop catalogue plopped onto the doormat the other day and what should I see but the Revolution Courier S1ngle and it looks just about perfect for my needs. Given that a lot of fixers and SS bikes on the market at the moment are blatantly overpriced to cash in on current trends the price is a breath of fresh air.

The other bikes in the Courier range seem to have got very good reviews. Anybody out there ridden the S1ngle yet?


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  • Did you get the bike Norwegian Blue, fancy looking at it myself.
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    Hi (Newbie alert!)

    I picked one of these up the other day, and so far so good. Used to ride XC hardtail, was looking for a lightweight no frills commuter and something I can sling around and it seems to fit the bill.

    Also, added benefit I seem to be working hills much harder due to single speed so that's gotta be good. :D

    Cheers Jason