MTB rider seeks roadie help...please

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I am looking to buy either a cannondale synapse flatbar (no sniggering up the back) or a Kona PHD hybrid, but it's the measurements that are confusing me.

I know that even in the MTB world, geometry differs and one medium is much larger/smaller than the next....

I am 5' 11" and a half with a 33" inside leg - what size frame should I be looking at (ballpark figure) 50cm? 54cm?

Thanks guys

scurrys away on his bouncy bike :lol:

PS: will obviously try before I buy, but good fit is key as its a 24m per day commute


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    Its really the top tube length you need to look at as that is the most important figure because it determines your riding position. You'll find that the given 'frame size' will vary alot for a top tube length. So, for example, for several bikes from different manufacturers with a 53cm top tube you may well find up to 5cm difference in quoted frame size due to differences in geometry. I'd try and get an idea of what top tube length you need by measuring off your current steed and take it from there. Measure a horizontal line from the centre of your headtube to the centre of the seatpost and that'll give you a rough idea of what tt length you need then look at geometry tables for the bikes you are considering and go have a ride on the one that has the closest tt length to what you need.
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    For a 24mile commute you really want drops - none of this flat bar rubbish.
    I like bikes...

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    Hi Cheesey,

    just posted about a roadie Marin on the MTB side of things too!

    Your dimensions aren't much different to mine, I am 5ft 10 with a 34" inside leg, and I ride a 56 with a 100mm stem, so I reckon your either looking at a 56, or possibly a 54.

    I would say 56, as it's a flat bar, the reach won't be as far.

    Need to try a couple I guess and see what you think.

    Have you thought about DR Dew's, or dare I say it, a Marin?

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    Thanks for all of your input - much appreciated.

    Have spoken to Evans cycles (they are my works' R2W scheme supplier) and they recommended a 54 or a 56cm, and have invited me down to try out (which I shall)

    It's defo looking highly likely that it will be the Kona PHD that I go for given the commute quality (good tarmac/road condition)