Advice: Giant Escape R2 or Kona Dew?

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I am looking for some advice on buying a new bike for general commuting to both work (3 miles one way) and around the town where I live.

I have a budget of £300 and have looked through the various options in this price range and have narrowed my choice down to two possibilities, the Giant Escape R2 and Kona Dew.

Primarily I am after something light and quick that can also take a bit of abuse from riding along the less than perfect cycle lanes and tarmac in my area.

I don’t envisage I'll be using the bike for anything more than getting to work and around town.

I do prefer the styling of the Giant but perhaps a bit put off by the disc brakes from a weight and maintenance point of view.

The Kona does seem a no nonsense/frills commuting bike and have read good reviews about its durability.

I guess I am just after some 'real world' experience with either of these two models

Thanks in advance


  • ianrauk
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    Hi, I bought the Kona Dew a few months ago. Can honestly say I find it a joy to ride. I have the 49" frame. It's a nice and light bike, easy to ride and easy to throw around. Gear changes are very smooth. I have fitted clipless pedals, bar ends and a pannier rack as I currently use the bike for my commute which is 13 miles each way, (with a couple of big hills, which the bike takes in it's stride). Also handled a 45 mile mainly off road ride too, no problem. All in all a great value, enjoyable bike to ride; imho (very nice blue colour too).
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    Thanks for your reply, the Kona is looking like a popular choice!