Frame Size - Too BIG!?!

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I've just started cycling a and have brought a Claude Butler Roubaix from the LBS. The frame size is 59cm and i'm 6.1"... I expeted abit of ache's and pains whislt starting out but am now beginng to wonder if my my bike is to big!?! I find the stretch to the bars especially on the hoods to far (stem 115mm c/c) when i'm on the bike i've read whilst on the tops the front hub should be obscured from vision by the bars, i'd need my stem to be about 45mm< for this. Also which ever formular/calculation i try for seat height position etc doesn't stack up.

I've also pushed my saddle as far forwad as it'll go. With the cranks level the pedal C/L is quite a bit further in front of my knee whilst sitting.

Is my bike the right size, should i just by a shorter setm. should i just grin and bear it. Any ofther things i should try?

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  • feel
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    Does sound on the big size - shorter stem might help.
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    If the Lbs are any good they'll have a selection of stems of different length and angles to try out and should be happy to resolve this for you. Don't put up with it, it will only spoil your enjoyment.
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    It's difficult to say if a frame is too big by comparing the person's height and the seat tube measurement. Bike geometry and human proportions vary too much for that. From what you say though it does sound like it could be too big.

    Good LBSs should expect some after sales service anyway, so I'd bring it in and ask to be fitted properly.
  • Sounds like the LBS wanted to get rid of the bike - and sold you one too big.

    A 57cm mite be a better size.

    Try a 9cm stem first and see what thet does to the reach. Amazing what even 2.5cm difference can make.
  • What is the virtual top tube length?

    I've got one bike that is size 58 that has a 57 cm virtual top tube length, and another that is a size 61 cm, taking off 1/2 a cm for the more laid back seat tube, only has an effective tt of 57.5 !
  • I've lowered the saddle and switched them stem witched help whilst out last niight.

    Sorry, complete newb - vitual TT length?

    Will try a 90mm stem think with t'other changes i should be there or there's about. Gives an excuse to get a upgrade though if i enjoy it as mush as i enjoyed going out last night.
  • virtual tt length is the horizontal distance from the centre of the top of the head tube to the centre of the seat post. i.e. it gives you some idea of what the reach will be like, simply measuring along the top tube is misleading if it is sloping
  • Ah, 75cm from C/L of seat post to C/L of bars
  • I got an OCR3 XL by mistake, and I'm only 5' 8....So I got a downhill mountain bike stem which has the bars almost touching the steerer tube (if really desperate I saw one that allowed you to fit bars on TOP of the steerer!), and a raiser that lifted the bars up because I couldnt ride with the original bar height.
    Not pretty, will make the purists shudder, but the bike is comfortable on long can't be too wrong.