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Mountain biking in sunny sheffield.

trailblazer83trailblazer83 Posts: 87
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Hello all,

Saddled up with my GT Zaskar and want to give it a thrash I just wandered are there any Sheffield locals out there who know of a good place near by or realtivley close to city that i could break my mountain bike cherry? I dont drive so will be using pedal power or the train to get there.

I know about Wharncliffe but not sure if its too advanced and I think i may be riding solo until my mates finish projects they got going. So would be looking for somewhere its relativley safe to ride alone.

Are there any clubs or groups in Sheffield anyone knows of?

Hope someone can help,

Nath Charlish


  • Derwent water is worth a blast, there a peach of a downhill at the end of that ride!

    It's on the A57 and isn't too far from the city.
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  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    Wharncliff woods is good. watch out for Sonic on his Zaskar :wink: guess he will be posting here soon.
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  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Hehe. Wharncliffe for all abilities. Where about in Sheff are you? Some other good woods to the North of the city, and of course on the doorstep to the peaks.
  • town centre (which sucks) mate but moving to Hillsborough in a couple of months.
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Hillsoborough is pervect, short ride to Wharny, and easy to get to many trails out to the peaks.
  • what OS map am i bet getting to find these places an trails?
  • stumpyjonstumpyjon Posts: 4,069
    In the 1:25000 series, OL1 - The Dark Peak, OL24 the White Peak and no 278, Sheffield should cover your needs.
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  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Thats the ones ;-)

    Try to view them. I just copy the screens, patch them together, put on my mobile phone... of course, I bought them first (legal disclaimer ;-))
  • NikBNikB Posts: 243
    Anyone heading to Wharncliffe next Sunday? Thought I might give it a whirl - should be my last outing on my current bike before my new one arrives.
  • PeakmaPeakma Posts: 6
    Hi,I just signed up and this is my first time looking at the forum,and the first post I spot is from a Sheffielder so thought I'd reply! :D
    I haven't had a decent bike for over 10 years now(which is why I'm joining the forum,advice on which and where to buy).But I used to live in Hunters Bar(10 min max ride out of town,along Ecclesall road,if your not familiar with Sheffield),
    You can get out to Derbyshire virtually all off road from here, by going on one of my favourite old routes.
    You go through Endcliff park,then on through Bingham Park, keep following the path through woods to forge dam(nice cafe stop here),again keep following the path,it is obvious(basically takes you parallel to Ringinglow road,but so much nicer off road) up through Mayfield valley.When you get to the end of obvious paths-I think theres a few steps at the top,possibly a little car park,and you get to a little road,go left here and you should come out in Ringinglow village/hamlet/whatever! You will see Round house opposite ,and Norfolk arms pub around to your left.
    I hope your following so far,I regularly confuse myself! but if you look it over on a map it should make sense!
    Now you have a few choices where to go next!
    1.) If you've had enough you can bomb straight back down Ringinglow Road,then left back down Ecclesall Road to town.

    2.)If you've had enough climb,but want a bit more adventure,you can go down through Limb valley(but from memory walkers might tell you off!)
    You should be looking at Round House,Cross over the road-onto Sheep hill I think its called,and there is a foot path on your left,that takes you down to Limb valley(There is another cafe stop just off there,near the bottom of the track of to the right at Whirlow hall,)when you get to the end of the track you come out on Ecclesall Road south,so you can either head straight back down into town,or cross over onto Whirlodale road and go down for a ride around Ecclesall woods -maybe thats another ride altogether!
    ( sorry I am aware I am waffling now,I'm just getting excited remembering how I loved the freedom and solitude of my bike! Cant wait to buy another!)

    O.k back to the other choices from Ringinglow!
    3.) Instead of going down Limb Valley,follow sheep hill a little more as the road bends around to the left,there is a track up to your left,the Roman Road,which takes you past Lady cannings plantation,and eventually over to Fox house,good and bumpy from memory! So when you get to the end of there you can either go left,straight back to Sheffield,or Right and take in more of Derbyshire.A good way to go is down following the road to the right past the Fox House Pub,Then a little way down theres a little car park where you get in to Burbage.(this is a circular so from here its pretty much the opposite of option 4,I do hope this is making sense,with a map I'm sure it should!She says again!)

    4.) o.k so we're back at Ringinglow village,on the little road that comes out facing Round House. where the options began!
    Turn Right up Ringinglow Road,which takes you to Burbage,follow the track,which takes you to where I left option 3!

    To be honest I'm not sure how many of these routes and options may have signs up saying No Cycles! :? As its been so long since I did them,but to be fair if am approaching walkers,I take care not to startle them,am curtious etc.And never used to have any problems.

    Phew that took some typing,you going to have to give it a go now!Good luck. :lol:
    Sorry first post and I already sound like a waffling,confusing,bossy ,disrespectful to walkers nutter!! :oops:
  • PeakmaPeakma Posts: 6
    Oops posted it twice!
    You could also just hop on the train to anywhere in the Hope valley(Sheffield to Manchester train).
  • I found a park at the end of Endcliffe but it wasnt Bingham, I cant remember what it was, it started with a W though, is that the one you meant?
  • stato77stato77 Posts: 18
    Hi all. Im a complete newbie also from Sheffield. I was also going to ask about routes from sheffield city centre.

    Im in the market for a bike and want to spend between £200 and £300, which are the best shops in around the city centre.

    Thanks Neil
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Try JE James and Langsett cycles. Lots of routes through the city, by the rivers and out into the country via Rivelin and south Sheffield.
  • PeakmaPeakma Posts: 6
    I found a park at the end of Endcliffe but it wasnt Bingham, I cant remember what it was, it started with a W though, is that the one you meant?

    Maybe thats Whitely Woods,thats the next track over the road after Bingham park.I'l try and hunt out a map with the route on.
  • mrxcmrxc Posts: 63
    Supersonic, what part of wharncliffe woods can you recommend i start from for a pretty easy ride, just getting into it again and don't want to kill myself, also do you know any other good trails near Sheffield?
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    If you follow the red route, and parts off the older green route (with optional black parts!) you'll be on the right track. Start at the top car park on woodhead road. Its not that well marked, and a lot of the stuff to the North which I like is totally unmarked. Sometimes its a case of follow your nose and enjoy, and pick and choose!

    Lots of TPT routes in N Sheff if you like leisure rides, but no real long technical trails as such. You can link bits up with roads, like the lower part of Greno Wood, Hall Wood, Westwood Country Park and into Chapeltown park.
  • Peakma wrote:

    Maybe thats Whitely Woods,thats the next track over the road after Bingham park.I'l try and hunt out a map with the route on.

    yeah, it was whitely, no worries if you cant find a map mate, great if you can.


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