Upgrade Pedals or Tyres??

blue geedee
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Your help please,

I've just got a new Bianchi 928 bike which came with basic look pedals and Michelin Lithion tyres.

I'm looking to spend £50 to upgrade but do I upgrade pedals or tyres first? I'm aimin to get pair of Continental Grand Prix 4000 S and a pair of Look Keo sprint pedals, what would be your advice to get first? My overall aim is obviously to decrease weight but ultimately increase my overall speed.

I currently ride the bike in club time trials and hopefully road racing in a few weeks time.

Thanks for any advice,


  • Mettan
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    Personally, I'd get the Tyres/Tubes - that's assuming your current pedal setup is competent/reliable/safe enough for you to compete in upcoming events??