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south downs way

pedalpowerpedalpower Posts: 138
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I quite fancy cycling the south downs way. I'm a novice at mtb-ing but not to cycling in general. Does anyone know where i could hire half-decent mtbikes to do this. I'm thinking if i could hire them in London where i live it might be most convenient to avoid having to go back to the start to return them. Will I need full suspension or just front? - Or could I get away with neither?


  • pittponypittpony Posts: 1,057
    If you're going to do this then be prepared for how tough it will be. I consider myself to be fit (extended CV exercise - mostly cycling - 5 or more times a week) and attempted it in 2 days. Day 1 (65 miles) was TOUGH!! Day 2 was cut short by snow but would have been just as tough again. I know people have done it in a day, but believe me these people are riding machines!! I'm not trying to put you off as it was a great experience, but it was one of the hardest things i have attempted.

    As for equipment, the paths are not technical. A full sus bike would be more comfortable but a hardtail was perfectly fine. I wouldn't really like to attempt it using no suspension at all as it would be a real boneshaking ride and the descents are searingly fast :D
  • pedalpowerpedalpower Posts: 138
    Thanks for your advice. I'm sure you're right. I'm not expecting it to be easy but I'm quite a keen cyclists. We wouldn't try it all in one day but might attempt it in two, depending on how my comrades feel about it.
    Anyone know about bike hire places where you can hire a half decent bike?
  • pittponypittpony Posts: 1,057
    I'm sure you'll be ok if you cycle regularly. It's a very rewarding ride with some great views!

    There are a couple of listings here and here that do mountain bikes. No idea if any of them are any good though!
  • grantwaygrantway Posts: 1,430
    Best thing to do is go to a good bike shop and say you want to test a bike out
    for the weekend.

    You would then have yourself a top end bike that would only cost you
    around £ 65.00p notes.

    Better than an hired bike normally there battered.

    There is a large group of guys on here doing the south Downs on the
    6th of April.

    I was around that way last week riding on some parts of it good riding
    like to do that myself and the North Downs looks a good short ride.
  • TheBoyBillyTheBoyBilly Posts: 749
    South Downs Cycles in Storrington hire out just the bikes you will need. Around £60 for a weekend I think (Friday evening to Monday morning.
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  • pedalpowerpedalpower Posts: 138
    thanks for your comments.
    Grantway - can you really get away with that? Wouldn't it take quite a battering.
  • impishedimpished Posts: 1,092
    Also, if you're going to do the SDW, see if you can beat this :shock:

    Holy shoot! That guy must be a robot!!!!!
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