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Coast to coast USA this summer- Transamerica trail

kat03kat03 Posts: 3
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Hi everyone,

I'm hoping to ride the Transamerica trail this summer, West-to-East and starting late June or early July. After reading up a bit I think I'd be happy to do it by myself but I'd still rather do it with some else to share the experience, fun and pain. I posted a thread about this on already but haven't yet found anyone who would be interested or free at the same time. Anyone out there keen? I should add that this will be my first tour but I will train hard to be in good shape for when I get out there. Also, I'm more inclined to stay in motels each night so I can pack really light.


  • monstadogmonstadog Posts: 80
    I'd love to do this.Unfortunately free time is not something Im blessed with at the moment, so I'm dead jealous

    For info have a trawl through the journals on here

    quite a few transamerica and lots of helpful info
  • kat03kat03 Posts: 3
    Hey, yes that website is great. I've also ordered the complete map set from because it'll be so useful for me with all the information about where to stay, shop, eat and get the bike fixed!
  • chasctcchasctc Posts: 52
    Rode Yorktown to SF in 2001 - a long time ago but there's anything.....
  • cirrus18cirrus18 Posts: 24
    This topic has been discussed recently on this forum and you may find some useful information here: ... ansamerica

    You said: "I'm more inclined to stay in motels each night so I can pack really light"

    I did this ride east to west in 2004 and couldn't have survived without my tent, you want to be self sufficient. Lots of the places are just one horse town's without accommodation, or if they have they may be full.
    Not too much of a problem if you have a car, on a bike when the next place is 80 plus miles away, what are you going to do?

    Bear in mind the adventurecycling route/maps and the stopover places they recommend are designed for camping.
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