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Internal cable routing - help!

AnderlAnderl Posts: 70
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I've got a new time trial frame ( Onyxx ) which has internal cable routing. I can't thread the bu**ers through. I tried a couple of hours and it's driving me absolutely mad. Does anyone know any tricks to make my life easier?
Please help!!!


  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,922
    All depends on the entry/exit holes in the frame. I had a Shogun frame with an internal rear brake cable but the enry/exit holes were more like slots and the outer cable was a complete length from lever to calliper. You might have enough access for a spoke, bend it at the end to form a slim hook and feed the inner cable through and hook it out with the spoke or similar. A cable tie bent in half and pushed into the frame might be easier to work with plus a torch to see into the frame.
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  • brian tbrian t Posts: 23
    I had the same problem with Cinelli Ram handlebars, and I guess lots of people did because they now supply them with pre-threaded cable outers. I found it easiest as follows:
    - make an "L" - shaped hook using a very small Allen key, or you could bend an old spoke;
    - push the cable outer through from one end, and then "fish" for it with the hook as it comes towards the hole by slipping the end of the hook into the cable outer;
    - then tease it out carefully. Once you have the end of the hook into the cable outer, you can grip the hook with a pair of pliers for extra grip.
  • AnderlAnderl Posts: 70
    Thanks. Since posting my question I did some googling and found someone mentioning plugs in the exit hole. Luckily my frame has them although incredibly well hidden so I missed them which is pretty unbelievable as I looked at the d**n frame for a rather long time. I managed to prise one out and this makes the hole so much bigger and I got a guide wire through.
    So if anyone has the same problem look for plugs!!
  • CunobelinCunobelin Posts: 11,792
    Crochet hooks are good!

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