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Cycle from London to Cardiff to Edinburgh

woodhall671woodhall671 Posts: 2
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I am planning on cycling from London to Cardiff and then on to Edinburgh. This will be my first road expedition as previously I've just mountain biked. The plan is to be supported during the trip and therefore we won't be carrying much ourselves. However, I was after some advice:

1. Has anyone else done this trip previously who could advice on a potential route?
2. Currently I am covering around 20-25 miles during evening rides, therefore what average daily mileage should I be aiming for?
3. Could anyone advise a suitable bike for the journey, looking at a budget of around £500 but obviously the less I can spend the better!

I know these questions are a bit vague but this is my first trip and therefore I am new to the whole road trip idea.



  • CunobelinCunobelin Posts: 11,792
    If you are not used to distances the it is not the daily distance, but the cumulative effect. For instance, you can manage a day or two at 60 miles, but the third will be difficult and the fourth an ordeal.

    You need to start looking at repetitive distance training
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  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,922
    An easy and flattish route from London would be straight down the M4 :lol: but on a more serious note follow the old coaching route down the A4, from memory when I've road the other way the hills will be descents coming from London, or you caould use the Kennet & Avon canal though this will drop your average speed/daily mileage.
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  • toontratoontra Posts: 1,160
    I can vouch for the A4 as far as Bath - set off early so as to avoid the busiest stretches at the London end. Apparently the cyclepath is a better alternative than the A4 from Bath-Bristol. From Bristol-Cardiff I can't help.

    As for Cardiff-Edinburgh, you could try the LEJoG route I'll be doing in May: Leominster, Lancaster, Galashiels, Edinburgh. Almost all A roads but apparently pretty none the less apart from a notorious stretch around Warrington.

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