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bedgebury, what condition?

buzz1buzz1 Posts: 374
edited May 2008 in MTB rides
Hi, has anyone been to bedgebury lately?, A group of us are heading over there on tuesday and was wondering if it was too wet and boggy.


  • fatladfatlad Posts: 105
    Went last sunday, the red route was fairly muddy, everyone managed to get caked in it!
    Still rideable and a laugh
    If you dont ride in the rain, you dont ride
  • buzz1buzz1 Posts: 374
    That's what it's all about though, lol . Besides we dont really have much choice what with the censored weather we have at the mo.
  • a_harrisa_harris Posts: 41
    for info - they have now sorted out a few of the worst swamp-like areas at bedgebury, just one left towards the end of the loop now...
  • impishedimpished Posts: 1,092
    According to the Boars On Bikes webby, they started trail repairs couple of weekends ago and will continue for approx. 4 weeks. So there may be diversions.
    Hopefully, be worthwhile in the end though. At the end of the day it's the closest we have to a trail centre in Kent :wink:

    Let us know what the trails are like when you go Buzz1. Lots of us holding out until the rideability improves. :roll:
  • RussAlfRussAlf Posts: 706
    Bedgebury? in better condition? do the two even go together? :lol:

    If it had got any worse there people would have started confusing it with bewl water.
  • SBezzaSBezza Posts: 2,173
    I was there at the weekend, didn't actually go on the singletrack, but from the parts I have seen, they have been doing some work to the singletrack, especially on some of the muddy bits.

    Went around it the other weekend, and it was getting better, I was able to cycle through almost everything, and I have crappy tyres on.

    Bedgebury will alway be muddy in the winter months, that is purely down to location.

    Bewl Water wasn't too bad on Saturday, apart from being wet, but can get slippery again to to the nature of the subsoil (clay) the track runs on.
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