Scott CR1 Team - 20 or 30 gears ?

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I am thinking of buying a Scott CR1 Team bike. Does anyone have any opinions on this bike? Also, it has the option of 20 or 30 gears - I think 30 seems the obvious choice but this is my first road bike so I am not sure - anyone any thoughts?




  • allaction
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    A very good bike for a beginner, with that in mind and not knowing your fitness level I'd say go for a triple or a compact gear group. Either should have enough low gears to get you up hills and high enough gears to get you down them!
  • feel
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    depends where you live, where you want to cycle and how fit you are.
    I have a triple and live in a fairly hilly area and rarely use the granny ring, but boy i am glad it is there when i have to use it. Even if you only have to use it once - that is one time you didn't have to get off and walk.
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  • redddraggon
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    Get the triple, you might be glad one day. I wished I'd had a lower gear than 34/25 today climbing out of Ruthin.
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  • willbevan
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    Triple without a doubt, i bought my first bike back in october, came with a 52/42, not even a compact, so wish i had bought a triple....

    Mind you I was buying the cheapest bike i could find, wish i hadn't now! (roll on my next bike)
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  • Bianchi Boy
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    I bought the CR1 Pro last year. I would never go for a tripple on a road bike. I wouldn't go for a compact either, it would just be too undergeared for racing. Stick with a good old 53/39. The bike is light enough anyway, so you should be able to power up the hills in a bigger gear no problem.
  • woody-som
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    As it's your first bike, I'd go for the triple, you don't have to use the granny ring, but it can be a life saver.
  • nasahapley
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    Hi Anthony4,

    I bought a CR1 last year as my first road bike and I can't fault it. Like you I thought the triple was the obvious choice so that's what I got, very glad I did as most of my riding's done in the Dales and Lakes. If you can say for certain that you'll never tackle any really serious hills the 20 speed will be fine, but since there's very little downside to having the extra lower gears a triple allows I'd go for that anyway.

    Whatever you get, you'll have a blast on the CR1!