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Anyone fancy a ride in the Chilterns?

SparkyatorSparkyator Posts: 7
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I am getting back to MTB'ing after a leave of absence. I live near Wendover and was wondering if anyone would be interested in meeting up for some riding in the Chilterns at some point? Nothing too heavy.



  • nonnac85nonnac85 Posts: 1,608
    did you know Aston Hill is open again
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  • Thanks for the link. I'll take a look this weekend. Much appreciated.
  • guillianoguilliano Posts: 5,495
    I'm happy to go riding around there any Sunday. I live in Leighton Buzzard so will happily jump on the train to Tring and meet up somewhere. Message me on here if you fancy a ride any time. Now that the nights are lighter I'd happily meet for an evening ride too....
  • JaredUKJaredUK Posts: 14
    I live near Great Missenden, so I'm always up for a ride around the Chilterns. I quite often do a loop between Lt Hampden, Coombe Hill, and Wendover. I'm around this Bank Holiday Mon if anyone is up for a ride, just PM me. Jared
  • davydesigndavydesign Posts: 178
    Like wise, I'm occaisonally out riding that way too would be good to meet up with some folks.

    Guilliano, have you ventured back to aston hill since the track day? What the f*uk happened to the magazine article tho, they got our names mixed up!!
  • indysmithindysmith Posts: 276
    I'll be well up for a ride sometime soon.
    I used to live in Wendover (family moved down to Hampshire).
    My brother got my bike nicked, but I'm picking up an Orange Gringo from watford soon, and Uni has finished, so I'm looking to get back into biking. My girlfriend lives in princes risborough, and I spent most of my time here. I'll let you know when I get the bike. ;)
  • guillianoguilliano Posts: 5,495
    Hey Davy! The article was a bit messed up, and I got some stick at work, especially when Paul Lazenby came in!

    I'm up for a bank holiday monday ride..... as long as I can get to the meeting point (don't drive)
  • malc101malc101 Posts: 115
    Hey guys, i live in hertfordshire and i am keen to start exploring the chilterns.

    Is there any purpose built signed trails in the area, like Afan etc?
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  • guillianoguilliano Posts: 5,495
    Malc, there is Aston Hill near Wendover. This is also just off the Ridgeway so you can go exploring or make longer rides. There's no cafe or bike shop there though.... it's a small place full of rooty fun
  • Hi All

    I am also from Leighton Buzzard and am up for a ride, i get my new bike on saturday (14th June) i have swapped from road to offroad and although not as fit as i once was, looking forward to having some fun

  • JaredUKJaredUK Posts: 14
    I've just been out on a monster ride today, brilliant weather!
    Any how is anyone up for a ride at Aston Hill/ Wendover woods next Sunday 15th of June?

  • Sunday is no good for me as it's Fathers Day, have a BBQ and a crate of beer with my name on it!
  • guillianoguilliano Posts: 5,495
    DirtyBuzzard.... Where in Leighton do you live? I live there too and am looking for a local riding buddy.

    As an aside.... are you getting your bike from my shop (Buckingham Bikes)?
  • Hi Guilliano

    I live on Bassett Road, and unfortunatly i done a deal with Matt from Cycle connection last tuesday for my bike.

    I am 34, I used to race for MKCC on road and TT and have been off the bike a while so need to get fit! Someone to ride with will be great :) how old are you?

    Just done around 20miles and the bike is great (Giant Terrago) went from Leighton Buzzard to Bletchley on the GUC towpath, accross to Bow Brickhill, Little Brickhill and Great Brickhill on the road (so nice to have the granny ring for Bow when your unfit lol) and then went offroad through Stockgrove (noticing when i got to the other side bikes are not permitted :oops: )

    and home

    (AKA Will)
  • guillianoguilliano Posts: 5,495
    I'm 32 and live just round the corner from you.

    Are you working Monday 16th (tomorrow)? I'm gonna jusp on the train to Tring and follow the Ridgeway for a ride. No set destination, just ride til I realise I'd better head back again.

    Terrago is a good bike. You'll be upgrading parts before you know it though..... it's an addiction!
  • I was off today yes, shame i didnt check the forum earlier, i will send you a PM with my mobile number, we can hook up for a ride. :)

    I need a better saddle! that will be my fist upgrade (or a firmer ar*e) lol

    Done 30ish miles today, got a flat too :(
  • guillianoguilliano Posts: 5,495
    If you need a new saddle i have a couple you could try. Otherwise I'd say invest £20 or so in a Charge Spoon.... I have one on my hardtail and it's a great perch for the cash
  • johnnyrottenjohnnyrotten Posts: 216
    I live in Great Kingshill, Wycombe and would be up for Whiteleaf / Chilterns. Good to see there's so many riders around :D
  • JaredUKJaredUK Posts: 14

    Im from Little Kingshill, and up for a ride in the Whiteleaf/ Chilterns area. Im free most of the time at the moment because I've finished uni. Pm me if your ever up for a ride? Its brilliant that there seems to be loads of us around at the moment.

  • guillianoguilliano Posts: 5,495
    Well if anyone is up for a ride on 6th July...... open to suggestions on location, but I don't drive so I am a little restricted
  • JaredUKJaredUK Posts: 14

    Unless it is absolutely chucking it down this evening I'm off to Aston hill to hit a really muddy XC track for a couple of hours. If your around look for a olive green/ grey Giant XTC SX, yellow helmet and probably a blue jacket.


    Update: just got back from Aston Hill, roots, roots, roots, glorious roots, oh and super slippy when slightly damp chalk of which there are some massive patches on the lovely red-run switchbacks. good fun though.
  • guillianoguilliano Posts: 5,495
    This Sunday (13th) if anyone is free I'm up for an all dayer..... start at Aston Hill for a lap then jump on the Ridgeway?
  • Guys,
    First time of this forum and just seen this thread. I'm 33 and live in Prestwood (just moved from Great Kingshill). I'm up for some riding buddies as its a bit boring on your own. I don't know many decent tails locally but have discovered the nice bridel path that runs from Holmers Green to Little Missenden. I try to ride weekday evenings and Sunday mornings. Let me know if anyone is free.

  • dcs01dcs01 Posts: 23
    Hi Folk's,

    Just found this web site and as I am new to MTB was hoping for some help / advice.

    I have only just got back into biking (last had a bike as a kid , now 43) with a cheep mountain bike and an doing about 17 miles a couple of times a week over the last few months, on road ( Aylesbury - Ford - Kimble - Bishopstone etc ) Did one of the Evans rides, short route, out of Stokenchurch. Ok it nearly killed me on the accents but overall has got me hooked.
    If anyone can give me some advice on taking this further and what Wendover woods / Aston hill are like it would be apreciated and maybe hook up for a ride.
  • Aston Hill is a brilliant place to ride locally. It is more downhill/freeride orientated, but does have an xc loop that is ok - some good downhills, a couple of short sharp climbs, but one half of the loop I (personally) find can get a bit boring.
    The downhills are quite technical, so if you are inexperienced approach with caution. Saying that, run which forms part of the XC loop (I think its the red) is rideable by a novice (in my opinion) - Im useless and a big wuss and can still ride it fine at a reasonable pace (and my mate who is the same does it on a rigid).
    Happy to meet up for a ride up there anytime - just send me a pm if you fancy it
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