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Hello all,

Right, much as seems to be the fashion in these advice posts, I've been having a lot of fun riding around on my mountain bike, including a couple of entertaining trips through scottish glens and passes. However, most of the time I'm on road for my evening or weekend jaunts, and quite fancy a road bike to up my speed and distance on. So, if I list a set of desires, I'm hoping all you wonderful folk will be able to point me towards a suitable bike.

At first I thought I'd get some sort of light tourer, partially inspired by audax's. However, I've now learned more about sportifs and think that they're more my style. So... what I believe I want now, is a quick road bike that I can use for something like a sportif, but which can take mudguards to make it more friendly in the winter/rain and ideally a rear rack for very-lightweight touring (like holding a jumper and a picnic and a map). Basically, a racing bike with manners and a touch of practicality. Primarily for thrashing around country lanes and feeling fit and maybe entering a sportif, but with a small amount of flexibility should I fancy just cruising someday. I still expect the MtB to take the day-to-day and any off-road.

So for a budget of 500->800 what should I be trying to look at?


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    Ribble's 'Winter Bike', Surosa's Audax and Dawes Audax Sport spring to mind in your price range, more Audax than sportif but I don't recall many sportif bikes having rack mounts even if they can take guards. If your prepared to compromise on the rack then there are a lot more options, Giant SCR and Specialized Allez are often recommended on here. Focus bikes are very good value.
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    condor fratello with shimano sora or campy xenon, both a penny off £800
    review here

    tbh i don't know why i reply to these which bike threads? I've never got it right yet :roll:
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  • Cheers so far.
    I think I'm more willing to compromise and lose the bonus of a rear rack (that would only ever be an occasional thing anyway), rather than divert towards a fuller tourer. It's the sportier end I'm thinking of.
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    Take a trip to your LBS and have a go on some bikes you like the look of and fit the criteria you want. They will be able to advise you what they think too. I would be looking at something that is comfortable for longer distances and not a bike built primarily for speed. Something like the Cannondale Synapse or Giant SCR range. Use your mud plugger for winter!