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Worn out crank?

ProwlerProwler Posts: 50
edited April 2008 in MTB workshop & tech
On yesterday's ride the non-driveside crank came loose after landing a smallish drop.
The axle seems to be in shape, but noticed some wear in the crank's axle hole (or whaterver it's called). It's not like there are large dents, but you can clearly see and feel that the surface is distorted where the axle has worn into the crank. Of course the 'damage' could have been there for some time, but I've had no reason to check until now.

This is the first it happened, but am I to expect it to happen on a regular basis unless I replace the cranks? I regularly check the tightness and I only do moderate trail/enduro riding on this bike.

Is this something solved by better quality cranks (the present are Truvativ firex). One issue about new square taper cranks is that there are not that many to choose from (what a great excuse to get middleburns). Would it make any sense to switch to isis, octalink or whatever?


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