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Ritchey OE zero stack

alboalbo Posts: 260
edited April 2008 in MTB workshop & tech
i just got a giant stp frame and am transferring all my old parts, i have a ritchey OE zero stack headset ( i think ) would it be possible to remove it and put it straight into the stp? or do i need a new headset... i won't do it i'll get my lbs to do it.
any help would be greatly appreciated.



  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    what headset doe the stp use?
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  • alboalbo Posts: 260
    cane creek ahead i think, is it a simple task to switch a headset?
  • mr mangosmr mangos Posts: 174
    It's fairly easy to get the Ritchey out, and it'll fit the STP as long as:

    1. The STP frame takes a semi-integrated headset.
    2. The grooves inside the STP headtube are deep enough for the Ritchey's bearing cups to fit.
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