Sustrans cyclepath hits brick wall


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    as the Council spokesperson explained, "The path ... was never asserted as a right of way or public path..."

    wtf ? Maybe i missed something but isn't ROW a fairly basic requirement of a cycle path ?
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  • I would have thought so, but then I just had a look on the map at the bit of National Cycle Route 45 that runs through the Wyre Forest near me.
    Most of it is not on a Right of Way so, in theory at least, the Forestry Commission could fence it off and plant it.
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  • There is an agreement between Sustrans and FC, not sure the exact specifics of it, but it is essentially to allow cycle trails through FC property. Having said that, recent attempts to get a diversion for route 30 through thetford forest were turned down.

    As I understand it, for a path or route to be deemed as a public right of way, it only needs to be shown that the route is in "Common use". There is a running race locally that is run every year just for that purpose, it can be proven that the paths are in common use, there was some argy bargy with local farmers trying to block the routes, so they could plant more crops.
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    I thought for public right of way status there needs to be a history for 25 years of common use. During that time no-one can have asserted ownership rights and blocked (for any reasonable time) the route.

    So if I am a land owner, I can legally block the route, if it is not a public right of way. It doesn't automatically get granted this status, a planning application needs to have been made.