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Do a lot of mountain biking and want to get some road miles in. I have read loads of post etc. but these I am struggling to find feedback.
Not buying from these shops, just to show you the spec!! any thoughts appreciated. The Wilier looks excellent in the flesh at my lbs!

1)Bianchi Via Nirone 7 ... 8d42c9d016

2) Wilier Escape ... escape.asp

3)Trek 1.5(good write up in C+) ... gn=froogle


  • lilactime
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    all excellent , but willier edges it as its in your lbs , go in with cash and demand cmputer and pedals at that price
  • The emu
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    I'm a Wilier fan, but have to admit the Bianchi looks best specced....of course, that stands to reason though, given it's almost a couple of hundred more that the other options.

    I'm also a campag die hard but have to admit 105 groupset is tried and tested..what the hell am I saying :shock:

    The long grazed legged one
  • MrKawamura
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    The thing I noticed is that the Trek you linked to is the double crankset version. The other two seem to have compact gearing (the Bianchi definitely has). I would imagine this is the biggest practical difference between the bikes once you forget the price/spec difference and how well you fit the size/geometry. There is a triple version of the Trek available, but maybe if you are fit and strong from MTB riding you won't need that?