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Hello to you all, have recently got back into mountain biking and really enjoying it. Have an 08 Giant Trance 3, very nice for £1000(well less thanks to cyclescheme). Have decided that i would like to participate in the above events. Have put my name down to do all four(2 in Wales, Cumbria & Scotland). Are there like minded folk out there who have done these before, who could give me a lowdown of what to expect/what to take etc etc. Looking to do the 100km rides, and make a good weekend out of it(Friday to Monday).

Thanks in advance.


  • impishedimpished Posts: 1,092
    have you sent off for their marothon guide? I got it yesterday and it's full of info about the rides they organise and what to expect. Oh, and Bicycle Chariot Racing!!!! :shock:

    Have a look at the webby too = Full of training/diet, etc info...

    Good luck and have fun :wink:
  • Yes i have the guide & i have looked on the website, but i was after people's experiences of the weekend, and little hints & tips to make it more enjoyable. Things to do on non riding days/places to visit in surrounding area.

    Thanks for replying though.
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