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I have a 2007 Specialized Allez and would like to replace the wheels because they keep going out of shape, breaking spokes etc. Now here is the bit I dont like to admit to, I weigh around 18 stone so I ask a lot from my wheels I guess? I am thinking about Fulcrum 3 or 5's but would prefer to spend a max of £150'ish. Any advice greatly appreciated.


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    I'm about the same weight Biggins - just about to order a bike from Planet X. When I asked about a strong pair of wheels they suggested that these would be strong enough.

    Planet X model C wheelset - 32h/32h Shimano

    http://images.google.co.uk/imgres?imgur ... %26hl%3Den

    sorry for the insanely long link!
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    Had the same problem with breaking spokes on my allez. I am around 14.5 stone though, not sure if it is just down to weight, I have always suffered from broken spokes, even when I was younger, fitter and around 3 stone lighter.

    I went for handbuilts after a lot of research, mavic cx22, 105 hubs and dt swiss spokes. My LBS built them up for me and they have really transformed my allez, the ride is much smoother and so far no broken spokes. Ribble are doing a similar set for under £100.
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    I'd recommend hand-built wheels also - something like Mavic Open Pro rims with 32 spokes or even better 36. A good pair of hand-built wheels from somewhere like Paul Hewitt Cycles will be only slightly heavier than factory wheels, but will be more durable and easier to fix if you do break a spoke.
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    yeah go for the planet x "C's"... i've got them and they're good.

    if not them just go for something with 32 spokes
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    Thanks guys, gonna have a good look at all suggestions, thanks for the assistance!!! :)