Cassettes, Shimano, Double butted, 50/30/20 ???

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Hello Everyone,

I'm new and just wanting a bit of advice - It's not a 'first bike' query - honest!

I've read so many posts on here that my eyes are beginning to bleed, but the trouble is I just don't understand a lot of the 'cycle speak'.

Can anyone point me in the right direction, be it websites, books etc, to help me understand what everything is, what it does, and which particular 'thing' is better than another, and why?

ie: I've been reading up on a lot of bikes recently trying to decide which to buy, but I don't know the difference between 48/38/28 and 50/39/30 and what the numbers mean.

Any help would be appreciated.

Many Thanks

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    All the answers are HERE

    the numbers just refer to the number of teeth on the front chain rings. 3 numbers = 3 rings; 2 numbers = 2 rings. The bigger the numbers the higher the gearing. the smaller set of numbers you quote would probably be from a mountain bike and the bigger set from a road bike.
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  • That's a great site and very helpful,