Specialized Allez: Advice on bike sizes needed

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I'm 5' 9" and trying to find out what is the best size for the Specialized Allez road bike. The guide that i've got from the on-line shops normally states: 54cm for height of 5'6" to 5'9", and 56cm for 5'9 to 5'11". So basically i'm stuck in the middle. £600 is a bit too risky to simply buy and 'gamble'... so any input from you lots would be helpful. If it helps, i used to ride medium Giant (50cm) and it's perfect.


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    i'd go for a 54 if I was you

    And do ride a 54 - i'm about 5'8" - the 56 would be quite a stretch for me, but I have a 32" inside leg so what height I have is in my legs.

    Also - it is easier to stretch a 54 - raise the seat is easy as is getting a slightly larger stem - the std will be 100mm so 110 or 120mm stem will make a big difference.

    it's not so easy to shrink a 56 if you find it is too much.

    as an added bonus - the size 54 frame will be lighter than the 56

    nice bike the allez - i love the geometry of them - I have a langster which is the same geometry - loved it so much it forced me to buy the roubaix!
  • I'm 6 foot and ride a 56 E5 S works frame so I guess the 54 is what you want. Also the allez has a longer top tube so a smaller frame is probably best.
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    Just to second the above

    I'm 5'9 and a bit and the 54 Allez suits me perfectly.
  • I'm 5'10 and 32" inside leg and I have 54" which is very comfortable.

    The Allez is a cracking bike, just wish I had the lungs and legs to do mine justice.....I'd have to ride a teenage mutant ninja turtles 3 wheeler for that. Anyone have the frame geometry for those?? :lol:
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    Im just :roll: over 6 foot and ride a 58cm Allez. I find it as comfortable as I had hoped a road bike would be after 20 years away :D .

    Agreed Pastieboy The bike is much better than I am. I believe Im inspired enough to change this though, starting this summer, when that starts :oops:
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    I'm 5' 11 and ride a 54 allez which fits fine. I agree with everyone else above, its a great bike.
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    The bike is much better than I am.

    Rubbish, a bike is a bike, it can't be better than you.

    Try this: Have a race with your bike - I bet you'd win.............
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    If I were your height, I go with the 54.

    I'm facing a similar dilemma to you with a frame I'm thinking of buying. It comes in 55 & 57, and I'm pretty sure my ideal size is a 56. :(
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    Sorry Reddraggon, it was a thoughtless reply wasnt it? :roll: I was just trying to say how very happy I am with my bike and am glad to see others share this opinion. I wish I was fitter and didnt run out of steam after 3 hours so that I may enjoy it for even longer.

    Why are you even reading this thread Reddraggon? Its a low group Shimano bike :P
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    I'm 5'7" and my Allez is a 52. A 54 does sound right for 5'9" - I tried it and it seemed a touch too big.
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    Bought an Allez last week.

    I'm 6'1" (32" leg) and got a 56cm frame.

    It is a good idea to test one first. I thought I would need the 58cm, but after a 6 mile test ride found the 56cm very comfortable.
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  • Another vote for a 54 here:

    I'm 5'9'' and got a 54 a couple of weeks back - perfect fit for me (31ins inside leg)
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    I'm 6ft and have a 58cm Allez Sport. I think I have a long back versus legs though!

    Can you not go into a shop and try the two sizes?
  • I ride a specialized allez sport 52" and i'm 5'8". The 52" frame is the perfect size for me.