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Essex - London - Romford

smordecaismordecai Posts: 9
edited April 2008 in Routes
Hi does anyone know of any good routes around here off road..

i live in Dagenham,....Have been bedgebury once, but would like somewhere closer?



  • tobhtobh Posts: 103

    You may want to check this thread out ... t=12550063

    This is generally about MTB in north Essex... One of the flatest parts of the country, but for some reason, seemingly one of the most active areas represented on this forum.

  • xcracerxcracer Posts: 298
    Epping? Hainault Forest?
  • grantwaygrantway Posts: 1,430
    Smordecai I live in East Ham and ride mainly Epping and Hainault But the
    other recommendations are for what i hear are good too.
  • Noel PTNoel PT Posts: 627
    Agree with Epping its got a bit of everything. Lots of different groups ride every Sat and Sun and they all really keen for new guys tagging along.
  • grantwaygrantway Posts: 1,430
    Guys be careful been riding over the past couple of weeks and been noticing
    people laying traps for riders to crash or do themselves some damage in Epping Forest
    and Hainault.

    Why i dont know but keep your eye out and clean the paths for others to
    ride safely.
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