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Sharp chest pains!

James_RussellJames_Russell Posts: 67
edited April 2008 in Health, fitness & training
I've been getting sharp pains in my chest more and more recently, I was wondering what might be causing them? :?
I'm eighteen years old, 6'0" tall and ~87kgs. I don't consider myself 'overweight' as such, I'm fit but a little flabby on the upper body. The pains always come on in the first couple of miles, usually when I tackle a rather severe hill ten minutes away from my house. The pains creep on, and the only way to stop them is keep going until I've warmed up and acheived my rhythm. I might carry on for 60 miles after they've gone away.
al suggestions appreciated!


  • z000mz000m Posts: 544
    i have had chest pains, its through over doing it, you should seek the advice of a doc.
  • Thanks for the advice. just out of interest, how old are you Z000M?
    do you think the doctor would tell me to do a warm up on flat ground to get my cardio/respiritory system up to speed?
  • Mc SmileyMc Smiley Posts: 252
    Nowt you can do.

    I'm 18, i have a similar problem. Went to the doctors and he said its just hardend cartilage that presses against the nerves when you breath.

    I very much dount it is heart related, you are young and is extremely uncommon. If your family has a history of high blood pressue then it may be worth checking though. Just to be safe.
  • thanks for the reply,
    so does yours go away after a while MC SMILEY? and does it have anything to do with riding position?
  • Mc SmileyMc Smiley Posts: 252
    It does go away, i also get it off the bike as well, if i laugh or lean forward. So yes big climbs with chin on the stem will hurt more and the extra movement of your chest due to your lungs can't help. Sitting up and grinding the hills will make it easier, but if you can drive through the pain that is better as you will be going faster

    Also do you race XC, if you do it may be worth taking anti-inflamatories as that could take your mind of it.

    It is also sporadic, sometimes i get it all day, and often not at all. Do you get it off the bike as well or doing paticular things?
  • Nope, only ever on the bike. thats why i suspected it might have something to do with the riding position. My bike was a mountain bike, but I use it for commuting and long road rides, so I put pace RC31 rigid forks and slicks on. I very rarely climb out of the saddle, and the saddle itself is over 3" higher than the handlebar, so the position is very outstretched and forward.
    If these persist I might go see a doctor, I have a reliable and rather average blood pressure (this gets checked every four months when I donate blood) and I have no knowledge of any relatives suffering from high blood pressure.
  • Mc SmileyMc Smiley Posts: 252
    It is probably just trying too hard to quickly. Once you ease into it the chest wall relaxes a bit more. Take it easy on the hills and maybe put the saddle forward and try to get a more upright position. Try not to hunch either. A flat back will be much better than a curvy one.

    If it gets painful start taking some anti-inflammatories and see the doctor.

    I also had a chest X-ray, which may be worth asking for, to check if there was a trapped nerve.
  • MatteeboyMatteeboy Posts: 996
    Docs take chest pains on young blokes very seriously.

    I had them and got the full casualty treatment (after trying to run and press up the pain away!) - it was an infection on my lung.

    You must see a doc - I know a very fit 26 year old bloke who dropped dead one night from a heart condition he didn't know he had.
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  • KonaMikeKonaMike Posts: 805
    Dont take chances with your health,its probably nothing too serious but worth a visit to your Doctor just to be sure !
  • TheBoyBillyTheBoyBilly Posts: 749
    I can't agree more with the previous two posts. Get down to the Doctor sharpish and tell him exactly what's going on. It very probably is nothing but for your own peace of mind get it checked out.[/u]
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  • I've had the same problem recently, but I would get it when I was sat down as well - especially when driving. I went to the docs and he reckons that it could be inflamed cartiledge where the breast plate joins the rib cage. Sent me for an x-ray as well though but I haven't had any results from that yet (only 2 days ago) hope its not anything worse.

    He prescibed me ibuprofen to try calm it down a bit - verdict is still out on that as to whether they are actually easing the pain.
  • garnettgarnett Posts: 194
    Definitely see a doctor - it could be nothing, but on the other hand it could be the most important visit of your life.

    Having said that... to my doctor sister's horror (and as outstanding testament to my own hypocrisy and stupidity) I have ignored chest pains for a while... they come on when I'm really pushing myself, but only very rarely. I have found that if I really concentrate on breathing deeply and rhythmically they tend to go away.
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