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DHC Carbon seatpost

Iain CIain C Posts: 464
edited April 2008 in XC and Enduro
I've got a bit of a case of upgradeitis and I was looking at a DHC carbon seatpost off eBay for £30.00

Will it make me go faster? Nope. Will it make a blind bit of difference to the weight when I get on the thing? Not a chance. Will it transfor more pedalling energy via the rear triangle flex coefficient or some other nerdy stuff like that? Fat chance.

But will it make me look at my bike and love it more than I already do and make me want to ride it more? Very probably. I like carbon fibre...a lot, and I'm currently building a high perfomance sailing dinghy out of the black stuff itself and I think £30 is a bit of a bargain for a carbon seatpost, assuming it's laid up and consolidated properly. I just have a bit of a problem with ally when carbon can be used instead (frames excepted becasue it starts getting REALLY expensive then...)

I guess the big question is whether it's better than the standard Bontrager ally job currently on my Trek Fuel EX7. Is it truly an upgrade or really a downgrade? It's a proper CF job and not a carbon wrap...what do you think?


  • ride_wheneverride_whenever Posts: 13,279
    the fact that if you google DHC seatpost the first link is here should alert you to potential problems. The £30 is probably better put towards a decent alloy post.
  • Iain CIain C Posts: 464
    Hmmm, tried that but it just links to this thread!

    But thanks for the warning...could you send the link anyway?
  • cjwcjw Posts: 1,889
    That's what he meant... it only links here or to ebay. I tried a few searches as well (as I'd never heard of DHC) and found.... no reviews... no comments anywhere... nothing... apart from sellers (not all ebay BTW). As such, and given the price - very cheap) and weight (not aprticularly light... about 250g from one seller - my carbon post is 186g). I wouldn't touch it. Especially a seatpost where all your weight is :shock: I'd wnat reassurance that it is good.
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  • scale20scale20 Posts: 1,300
    I recon you'd be better off getting a well known brand if your getting one. Its well worth paying that litle xtra. Ive got the USE sumo carbon post on my scott, Yeah its lighter than the alloy one i got on it, but thats the only difference ive noticed.

    Is the oone youve seen on ebay second hand? If its second hand I wouldnt bother.

    I have the bonty post on my ex9. Its brill.
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