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i'm fed up. after injuring my back playing bouncy castle volleyball on a corporate team building day last week i had to visit the chiro. he tweaked me and said give it a few days to calm down before you get back on the bike. so i waited and was ready to go when i got home this evening only to feel like crap due to a bout of incredibly swollen glands and loads of sinus pressure. i've normally done 150-200 miles by now in a month but i've managed 42! sorry for ranting but the nights are lighter and when the kids are in bed i want to go out!
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    I know exactly how you feel!!!! :x

    After being forced off the road on Wednesday by a lorry and ruining my back wheel, tyre and cleats in the process, all I can do right now is work out what I need to replace it all. I was off work this week and I was looking forward to some good rides. I've been out since a few times on my old mtb but I'd forgotten how heavy it was!!!

    My bike had better be fixed before I go back to work or else I really will be fed up! :x

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  • sloxam
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    probably did a daft thing by going out this morning and doing 26 miles. back has been killing me ever since i got back and a bit of leg pain too so reckon i've aggravated it. guess when you're injured/ill you need to be patient to be fully fit before getting back in the saddle
    i hate hills (cos i'm fat)

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    im feeling a bit like that as well...

    I had planned to do 200 odd this month (90 today)

    At the end of last night i went Mountain biking, and never done any before didn't know what to expect, came off lots and smashed my right knee...

    I'm know kicking myself for not wearing knee and shin pads :(

    I have already changed from running to cycling becuase of an injury, now if i have to stop doing cycling i would be very very unhappy!
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    I know how you feel. I've been told that I won't be able to ride for 10 weeks. 3 weeks gone and I'm going mad. I want to ride my bike :cry:

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