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Broke collar bone advise please

adhallingadhalling Posts: 6
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Ive broke my collar bone and I'm after a bit of advise. Ive been to the hopital and there is a clean brake in my collar bone Ive been give two options. first is to keep my arm in a sling and let it heal but the doc said i might have restricted movement in my shoulder and have a slight bump on my collar bone. Two have a metal plate put in and time to heal again theres a chance of having a bump in my collar bone and i high chance of infection. Any one had any similar experiences? are there any ways to speed up the recovery process? Thanks


  • dennisndennisn Posts: 10,420
    First off let me say that I've never broken mine, but have known a few people that have
    and all of them seem to have a small bump or two. Most let the doctor put it in a sling
    and wait out the healing process. Have not heard any of them complain about restricted
    movement. In any case there is not much you can do except take the doctors advice
    and find a way to amuse yourself until you can ride again.

    Dennis Noward
  • CunobelinCunobelin Posts: 11,792
    Broke mine about 12 years ago... (along with skull, pelvis, hip and ribs!)

    Healed with a bump and is slightly shorter tahn the good side. However practically there is nothing visual to notice, and no real problems with movement or mobility of the joint.

    Occasional "bad weather ache" - but that could simply be my age..
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  • garyspaingaryspain Posts: 105
    I broke mine years ago when i used to do moto x. I have no restricted movement but do a have a large lump which is no problem. A friend of mine had laser treatment on his but i don't know weather it sped up the process.
  • varnovarno Posts: 52
    Broke my left clavicle three years ago...mines plated and its superb....just looks a bit wonky..I would advise the plate only if it doesnt heal, that said you will get a straighter shoulder with a bit of titanium...
  • god1406god1406 Posts: 554
    My friend broke his over a year ago and resisted the urge to use it at all while it was in the sling, this meant it healed pretty well.

    Also, he did a lot of shoulder streching exercises once the bone had re-joined, to get the joint and muscles used to movement again, so once it was fully healed there was little/ no restricted movement.
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