This Week On My Cycle Commute I Have:

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Cycled in 5 days out of 5 (I don't get to do this very often)
Used 2 different bikes
Been delayed by the Army 1 time
Seen 1 other cyclist fall off (he was fine)
Seen 1 trucker clearing up his shed load of some rogue turf
Been berated by 1 bus passenger for leaning on the stationary bus (!?)
Berated 1 Porsche driver for using his phone while driving
Been asked by 1 cabbie if I "believed in signals" (I assume he was commenting on my roadcraft rather than seeking to discuss some kind of supernatural experience)
Spent GBP 14.99 in Evans
Seen the sun rise 1 time
Raced 3 cycle couriers (seperately)
Lost to 3 cycle couriers (seperately)
Changed 1 rear wheel
Experienced 0 p*nct*res


  • andylaw79
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    Cycled 4 days out of five (Bit miffed today at having three appointments out of the office)
    Been chased by 1 dog
    Been overtaken on the same hill on the way home by the same guy, twice (I'd like to say I was taking in the sunny evenings but my fitness is in serious doubt)
    Poured water out of my trainers once.
    Wore shorts once.
    Had no punctures.

    An uneventful week really.
  • graeme_s-2
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    Cycled 5 days out of 5.
    Used 1 bike.
    Gotten wet on the way home 4 times (so far....).
    Fallen off once, still nursing the aches and bruises.
    Straightened up 1 brake lever.
    Seen 1 cyclist nearly take out a lollypop lady while running a red light.
    Nearly rear ended 2 cars (both my fault, I'm an idiot).
    Experienced 0 p*nct*res.
  • secretsam
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    Cycled 4/5
    Delayed by:
    -a removal van (can you believe the same van in the morning and AGAIN in the evening?!?!?!?)
    -a cab
    -other cyclists
    -a Porsche :lol: (the joys of traffic jamming!)

    Weather's been good, potholes increasing exponentially, but roads relatively empty - holidays, I guess...

    It's just a hill. Get over it.
  • Underscore
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    Cycled 4 out of 5
    Used 2 bikes
    First week commuting entirely using short rather than longs
    Taken an unnecessarily long route 3 times
    Discovered 1 new predominantly off-road route
    Experienced 1 p*nct*re... so far
  • Greggyr
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    4/5, the weatherman sold me a dummy on Sunday night, said it would be sub-zero on Monday

    just 1 bike
    longs in, shorts home
    got wing-mirrored this morning, very humble apology from the driver
    seen 4 sunrises over Tower Bridge.....priceless.....
    0 unscheduled inner-tube replacements..
  • 5 days
    1 unscheduled inner-tube replacement.
    Spat at by passenger in big white van, (see seperate thread)
    0 dowsing, though I suspect that maybe short lived as the sky looks rather black.
    Longs every day. Still too cold for shorts, though jacket in rucksack on a couple of rides home.
    Apart from the WV incident been a good week.
    I think this is a great idea for a thread, do it every week?
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  • Totalnewbie
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    -Commuted 5 days out of 5
    -Been left-hooked once but avoided injury as I predicted it
    -Extended commute once to include Richmond Park and back. I like those deers.
    -Been let out in traffic by a nice motorist
    -Spent £66 on various cycling-related bits including ergo bar ends to make long rides/climbing more comfortable (will have fun fitting those tonight)
    -Been complimented on my 'snazzy' cycling gear by fellow cyclist at work
    -Been chatted up by random removal van bloke using extremely cheesy lines!
  • Mossrider
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    Commuted one day in five (but it is 58 miles with 1600m of climbing)
    On the morning commute ridden in clear skies / hail / blizzard / sleet /heavy rain.
    It was an pleasant ride in the evening.
    Ridden on a snow covered road.
    Argued with one motorist in a bus lane.
    Met another cycling commuter on the moorland section of my route (the first in two years!)
    Still in full longs,winter jumper and shoe covers (fortunately as it turned out).
    My ride times are still improving with the daylight and better (????) weather.
    Seen (or heard) larks and curlews.
    Managed to miss one herd of sheep (they lick the salt on the roads - a somewhat hazardous occupation).
  • tardington
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    Four days out of five - but today skipped the train and cycled (probably more than) 15 miles to work, starting at quarter to seven!
    Was stopped by an oldish chap who thought my (new) tricross sport was the bees knees and more or less felt it all over. Now that I think about it... :? :shock:
    Was rained on 3 times
    Raced 2 paper boys and BEAT THEM HOLLOW 8) (they may have been 12 or something though...)
  • Bodman
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    3 out of 5 days, the norm for me.
    Taken 2 differrent routes home, to get some hill climbing in before 100 mile bike ride in May.
    Seen increase in number of fellow cyclists now the days are lighter.
    Looked at rack / bag and mudguard options
    Have an annoying rattle start from the front of the bike that I can't find! Arrrrggghh.
    Got my top speed down hill into wind of 39.6 mph.
    Average 16.2 mph all week.
  • william79
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    5/5 This & every week.
    Eventfull day on Wednesday:

    Lorry & car pulled out in front of me at the first roundabout (2 lanes joining); car driver looked the other way in shame, lorry driver checking mirrors to see if he hit me / I hit him :?

    A different car pulled a super fast u-turn / stop on the next dot-roundabout (no signal); close-one.

    A bin lorry nearly drove into the side of me on the next roundabout; too keen to pull out.

    Obviously my flourescent yellow jacket is not bright enough!

    On the way home; a dog ran out in front of me (1st fixed gear emergency eye-popping stop). Wow, they can stop!

    Got soaked on the way home yesterday; sun shining as I walked in the door.... :roll:

    Looking forward to the weekend :)
  • houghw
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    - Cycled 5 out of 5
    - Nearly hit a kid on a pedestrian crossing (they jumped the red light, not me) :x
    - Seen one lorry get a parking ticket
    - Seen a bored copper standing by a taped off alley (still don't know what that was about)
    - Nearly hit countless pedestrians (and the students aren't even back yet!!!)
    - Shorts every day (although did have second thoughts when I cycled round a corner to see my neighbour's black Saab had turned white with the frost)
    - Not got wet yet, but I'm looking out of the window at the rain now :(
    - Experienced 0 p*nct*res.
  • GraemeT
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    5 full days for the first time (only half way one day as I took the car in for a service).
    Used 2 different bikes.
    Wore proper cycle clothing for first time.
    Got soaked 3 times.
    Cycled home after pub once (or twice if tonight goes to plan)
    Forgot work shirt once :shock:
    Forgot phone once :roll:
    Had undies on inside out all day once :oops:
    Spent all day every day on bikeradar :D
    Just Keep Pedalling
  • secretsam
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    SecretSam wrote:
    Cycled 4/5
    Delayed by:
    -a removal van (can you believe the same van in the morning and AGAIN in the evening?!?!?!?)
    -a cab
    -other cyclists
    -a Porsche :lol: (the joys of traffic jamming!)

    Weather's been good, potholes increasing exponentially, but roads relatively empty - holidays, I guess...

    -3 emergency stops, including 2 skids (1 my fault, 2 others due to cars...)
    -no rain (so far)
    -shorts???!?!??!!?!? No forkin' way
    -Raced 2 couriers, one racer, one large lady. Beaten by all except large lady.
    -Eyed up 3 other people's bikes. Caught by all 3
    -Eyed up 1 other person's body. Caught...but smiled at (and me a married man...) :oops:

    It's just a hill. Get over it.
  • Adamskii
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    Cycled 5/5,
    -cycled on a flat tyre for 5 miles!
    -started carrying a puncture repair kit as well as a spare inner tube!
    -fixed x2 punctures
    -witnessed a motorway closure and the resulting traffic madness
    -cycled in hail
    -missed getting wet on x3 occasions :roll:
    -bought a new stem and seat-post
    It's all good.
  • Matteeboy
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    Cycled 4/5 (1/5 was a running day)

    -had a bus pull from a bus stop out while I was overtaking it. Near splat
    -had a car pull out across me (from a T junction - my priority)
    -cycled in snow
    -worn out the padding in my Giro lid
    -been glad I have an MTB as most of Truro is currently being dug up
    -had to delay my ride by two hours 3/5 times to wait for the ice to melt
    Two Stumpjumpers, a Rockhopper Disk and an old British Eagle.
  • ratty2k
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    Cycled 3/5, but working over the weekend so will be sort of 5/5.....
    Got wet 3 times,
    Used 1 bike,
    0 p*nct*res
    1 panic as the front yres started to wash out on a RAB
    1 lefthook,
    2 dodgy overtakes- 1 bus and the other my royal mail
    Normal week really, thought I'm starting to dream of long warm sunny days now.....
    My Pics !

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    I talk to him everyday....
  • tardington
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    Adamskii wrote:
    Cycled 5/5,

    -cycled in hail
    -bought a new stem and seat-post

    Hail is painful! I have a Spesh Instinct helmet, and in january I was out in big, sharp hail - it shot through the holes - very sore - then filled them up with slowly melting ice... I now carry a skullcap at all times.

    I love to buy new bits for my bike as well! Though the stuff that is on my new bike seems pretty smart so far. 8)
  • phil_ss1
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    Mixed Week:

    5/5 commutes :)

    0 P*n*t*r*s :D

    1 bad overtake and cut up

    1 x bus driver driving over a mini-roundabout on our company site whilst looking the wrong way! - I WAS nearly squished :twisted:

    3 x old Tour De France tapes watched

    umpteen road bikes drooled over on the tinternet

    shed loads of MTB's caught and dropped

    1/2 a shed load of "roadies" caught and dropped :D:D

    oh, and 0 admiring glances/comments in my lycra :oops:

    Safe trip home folks....

  • homercles
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    Commuted 5/5
    Near misses - 1 (lefthooked by some BMW twunt in Tooting)
    Chats with other cyclists - 1
    Personal best - 1 (hurrah!)
    High fived by strangers at Vauxhall Cross - 2
    Missed rain - all week (so far!)
  • Gussio
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    homercles wrote:
    High fived by strangers at Vauxhall Cross - 2

    Beware - these "strangers" my be spooks and the high five might involve a tracking implant. You can never be too careful....
  • dav1
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    Cycled 5/5
    1 bike
    1 trip to the LBS for bearings for my MTB wheels
    1 trip to lidl for a cheap set of tools
    used 3 routes to/from work
    ridden once in the snow
    got lost once (wrong turn in an area ive never been but found potential new MTBing areas)
    0 pu*ctu*es
    Giant TCR advanced 2 (Summer/race)
    Merlin single malt fixie (Commuter/winter/training)
    Trek superfly 7 (Summer XC)
    Giant Yukon singlespeed conversion (winter MTB/Ice/snow)

    Carrera virtuoso - RIP
  • russmcp
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    cycled 2 out of 4 days (long weekend) and 44 miles round trip each day.

    Seen the sun rise x 2

    cursed as my toes went totally numb due to frost

    Been overtaken by people on road bikes, did not overtake anyone.

    Cursed my heavy mountain bikle with slicks and front suspension most of the way each way x 2

    Numb bum x 2 after 15 miles on return leg

    Cursed the fact that it's more hilly coming home than going to work x 2

    Enjoyed it, and will be doing it again next week!!!!!!
    This fitness lark is getting addictive
  • Phekdra
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    Okay, not sure I can remember as far back as Monday, but...

    Cycled 5/5 - normal since I don't have a car, trains don't stop near where I work (or within 8 miles of it), and the bus is extortionate.
    Used my one and only bike, my increasingly customised/messed around with Mares Cross.
    Rained on zero times! Hailed on once. Windswept continuously.
    Nearly launched out of the saddle due to spectacular pothole - 3 times (same pothole, or at least potholed section of road).
    Number of cars who have let me out - 4 that I recall.
    Number of rabbits spotted - 4 (two pairs), plus assorted partridges, pheasants, llamas, and a multitude of other birds.
    Seriously cut up or otherwise abused - twice.
    Worn shorts - twice, including a lovely extended ride home today.
    Chain fell off - once. My fault - what do those limit screws do again? :oops:
    Clipless 'incidents' - zero. :D
    P-word - zero.

  • phil_ss1
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    Phekdra wrote:
    Number of rabbits spotted - 4 (two pairs), plus assorted partridges, pheasants, llamas, and a multitude of other birds. Phekdra

    Would they be "Common or Garden" llamas or the rarer "Lesser Spotted" llamas then? :D

  • simon_e
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    4/4 with a day off work on Monday :-)

    Rode through rain or hail more times than ever before. Still in longs, waaay too cold to expose my knees to the elements.

    Cut up by a neighbour who couldn't wait behind me on our 100 yard estate road then stopped at the end while I went past.

    Only two dodgy overtakes, including the classic 'overtake cyclist then immediately brake and turning left' that happens on one roundabout most days. Driver looked in the rear mirror at cyclist showing two fingers and mouthing F**k *ff.

    Psychically broadcast the thought "You can do this too" to the drivers in queues of traffic every morning.

    Washed the accumulated road salt, grime and muck off my mtb. I swear it was faster and ran sweeter the next day.

    No p-word.
    Aspire not to have more, but to be more.
  • Phekdra
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    phil_ss1 wrote:

    Would they be "Common or Garden" llamas or the rarer "Lesser Spotted" llamas then? :D


    Ah, yes - I just spotted that I may have given the wrong impression as to the precise variety of llama that roams down my way. These were the big, furry flightless category and were huddled together for warmth. Or they could have been particularly long-necked sheep... :?

  • Did my usual 2/5

    I think someone shouted "D*ckhead" once, but then as he was in stationary traffic and I was sailing, he might have been talking to himself... :lol:

    Otherwise zero-events, but will a month go by without someone digging up the road to East Finchley?

    Good thread by the way
    "Consider the grebe..."
  • shaunh
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    put in 4/5 (one sick day)
    shorts and summer jersey every day (if it was practical to wear flip-flops i would)
    nearly squashed by one bus on Kennington Road
    Stuck behind 2 garbage trucks (pew)
    Saw one cyclist abuse a bus driver near Aldwich about bicycle awareness right after cutting another cyclist off, and immediately proceed to run red light into dozens of green man crossing pedestrians. clown.
    0 bad tyre thingies.

    new here.
    I am shaun and live in tooting!
  • 3/5
    ...left my big lights at home for the first time this spring.
    ...not worn a fleecy cap for the first time
    ...felt warm in the sun