Cyclocross Tyres on Roadbike - Is it possible?

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Hello Looking to commute to work but to be honest the traffic is that bad on certain section will need to get on and off paths, pavements etc for part of it. My question is am I able to put Cyclocross tyres on a Giant SCR 2.0 or will I need to look at a cross bike? If so any ideas best place to look for a 2nd hand cyclocross bike?


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    I wouldn't want to hurl my SCR up and down curbs like my old mountain bike!
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  • Depends upon how much room there is in the forks, and chainstays.
    I have put CX tyres on a road bike, but there wasn't a lot of room left.

    Most CX tyres start at around 28mm, so I reckon if you go for the slimmer model they should do the job.
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    be warned also that if you are used to road tyres then cyclocross tyres feel pretty awful on the road. my conti twisters feel incredibly heavy and slow rolling, and due to the squared knobbly profile they corner quite strangely. I'd have thought that if you are not riding through muddy sludge then a pair of wider (28mm plus) road tyres would be better. I find i can get away with riding 23mm gatorskins on anything apart from wet grass or really chewed up bridleways.