CycloCross Tyres on Road Bike?

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Hello Looking to commute to work but to be honest the traffic is that bad on certain section will need to get on and off paths, pavements etc for part of it. My question is am I able to put Cyclocross tyres on a Giant SCR 2.0 or will I need to look at a cross bike? If so any ideas best place to look for a 2nd hand cyclocross bike?


  • redddraggon
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    ~Your frame won't have the clearances for C-X tyres.
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  • Pooter
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    Sorry I can't really see the point. Cross tyres have knobbles on that wear out v quickly on roads. They're designed for serious mud. You'd be better off with some 28mil road tyres.
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    If so any ideas best place to look for a 2nd hand cyclocross bike?

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  • roger_merriman
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    that will be tire clearance that will be.

    other options are "tough" tires such as marthon pluses. which, have big sturdy side walls.
  • hothead
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    Dont want to ruin my wheels on the ride and will need to go on paths so any other suggestions? Whats the thickest tyres I could get for my road bike and be fine for going to paths from roads? any suggestions would be great. Thanks
  • topdude
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    Hi, the SCR has more tyre clearance than most road bikes, you could easily fit 700x28 tyres like Marathons or Specialized Armadillo.
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    I've got 700x28 Gatorskins on my SCR (for reasons similar to you I think - takes me several miles to get away from horrible urban road surfaces on most training rides!!!). Clearance/comfort is fine (no mudguards on tho'...)
  • graeme_s-2
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    I bump up and down curbs on both my road bike (23C GP4Seasons) and my fixie (25C Gatorskins) without any problems, all 4 wheels are still true.