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My local Bike Shop is offering a Free Bike Setup check. As I am having problems with my current setup is this a good idea to take up?


  • Bronzie
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    Yeah deffo - far to many people just ride the bike "out of the box" after altering the saddle height with no real idea of the best positioning of bars etc.
  • redddraggon
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    Are you sure it's a "geometry setup"?

    Normally these setup things are about checking the indexing of the gears, cable stretch etc and making sure nothing is wrong with the bike.
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  • RICH78
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    I am sure it is a bike sizing check
  • campagchris
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    Yes its a great idea and more bike shops should do it.
  • giant_man
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    Let's just hope they're thorough when checking sizing eh?
  • graham_g
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    Giant Man - you mean a quick glance up and down isn't good enough?! :lol:
  • giant_man
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    Well put it like this, I wouldn't want a bloke with a meauring the seat tube and then measuring my inside leg (oooer missus!!) and saying 'yeah that'll do!' lol :D