Brooks, Anyone?

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Champion Flyer B15.

"Sold" this on th'bay 2 weeks ago - bid to £4.70 + £2 Post. Winner never paid up (after a week I mailed him saying if he didn't want it, fine, no problem). Claimed he did but had lost his cheque book! Another 7 days - nowt. Told him to forget it!

So, IF anyone wants it, I'll stand the post and recipient can pay 1-5 quid (their choice, depending on what they think it's worth to a children's charity (Childline preferably, but any will do).

Ebay blurb was:

"Old and used obviously, but the leather is in fair condition, top and beneath Frame rails and rear brace have been painted, but chrome on tensioner (about 1/2 inch of adjustment left I think) is intact. Rivet tops also painted. Top has a slight ridge just off centre.

At a guess, early '70s? But I know little about Brooks saddles except that I do NOT like riding on them! Instruments of torture to my thinking, but each to their own!

This has just come off an old Carlton - replaced with a Planet X Uranus (I value comfort above period correctness, sorry!)."

Still on completed listings if want to look.

And a photo:

"Cancel my subscription to the resurrection."


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    See, I KNEW Brooks are awful saddles!
    "Cancel my subscription to the resurrection."