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Keeping fit but how to put on weight?

MountainPeteMountainPete Posts: 418
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I'm in a bit of a frustrating position. I need to put on some weight (1kg in the next month to be specific), but I also need to keep improving my fitness! I currently run 3 times a week (5-10km a time), and have a long mountain bike ride once a week. I don't want to change my 'fitness regime' as it were, so how can I put on weight as well?

Any pointers/tips/comments are very welcome :)


  • endurojcbendurojcb Posts: 167
    1kg is only about 2.2 lb's.

    is that fat or muscle you want to put on??

    1kg fat is the equivalent to 9000 calories. So in a nut shell, you've got to over eat /drink 9000 calories onto youself if you want to staore it as fat.

    1kg of muscle equals hard graft I'm afraid! Add a weights regime to your other execise regime 3-4 times a week for a month should do it. Spend a good hour on you arms, chest, back, and abs.

    If you want to bulk up then example would be, when doing weight you should do 15 reps , 12 reps , 8-10 reps then 6-8 reps - each set to failure. Each set you'll need to increase the weight you're lifting though. The first sets get your muscles warmed up and the last couple are the killer ones.

    Add lots more protein to your diet especially after the weight s workout. Protien helps your muscles repair quicker and grow faster.
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  • Thanks EnduroJCB! I better get those weights out then :) Muscle is preferable, but there is no harm in putting on some fat either!
  • As well as weight training, if I consumed more protein directly after a run or bike ride would this help to put on muscle?
  • endurojcbendurojcb Posts: 167
    Not really. Unless you're doing sprint training to get a better anaerobic capability out of your legs. It would just help repair your muscles a bit quicker though. Don''t forget to eat plenty of fibre too though, otherwise you'll block yourself up!

    If you look at long distance runners they done have huge arm and leg muscles, whereas sprinters do.

    Mountain bikers need a bit of both really. Endurance (aerobic (using Oxygen)) for those long rides, but also need power (anaerobic (not using Oxygen)) for getting up hills quickly!
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  • MatteeboyMatteeboy Posts: 996
    Pete - what's the weight for?
    Are you a boxer?!

    I struggled for years to put on weight (but was fit). Finally found the right routine and put on 3 stone!

    You need a good balance of strength and fitness for MTBing - I'd do a weights routine for the month and take extra protein from supplements - and rest properly.
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  • Thanks guys!

    Matteeboy - lol no I'm not - I have RAF selection in a month or so and need to put on weight (but keep fit!)
  • MatteeboyMatteeboy Posts: 996
    Pete - is there a weight minimum then?!
    I did Officer Selection for the Marines (and passed) and wasn't aware of any min weight restrictions.

    Agree with JCB - just taking protein but only cycling is veru unlikely to help you put on weight.

    Do some low rep, high weight gym stuff three times a week and you'll easily manage it.

    Another regular on here is about to start in the RAF too - in May.
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  • MilkieMilkie Posts: 377
    I have the same sort of problem... Trying to put weight on, while getting fit..

    I use high protein shakes which are for weight training, but I use them before and after training (weights/cycling), energy drinks and eat big healthy meals after riding.

    Eating won't really help you put the weight on, its the combination of eating the right stuff and doing weight training. As said above, you want to use big weights.

    So far I've gone from 49kg to 56kg pretty much since Christmas, thats well over 10% extra body weight. :shock:... Well really I put that weight on in just over two months, its taken a while to put the last kilo on, but then I haven't been doing much weight training recently. :?

    Eating loads of cereal also helps put the weight on. My favourites are hot oat cereals or crunchy nut cornflakes. The recommended serving is 30g... So I weighed my normal serving, which was 140g. I try and have at least two servings a day, one for breakfast, one when I'm feeling hungry after tea.

    Eating just before sleeping is another way of putting weight on... Didn't work for me though.
  • MatteeboyMatteeboy Posts: 996
    Eating before sleeping will just put on "bad" weight.
    No point putting on unhealthy weight for the sake of it.

    Force feeding yourself is all very well but it's not much fun - I did it for a while and not much happened.

    It was only when I found a good routine through a bit of research that the strength built up and the appetite naturally rocketed - I was ALWAYS hungry!

    Two years and three stone added, I thought that was enough and calmed right down again.
    Once you've gained it, it's easy to keep hold of it.
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  • Thanks all! I think I will stick to 5km runs 3x a week for the minute so I don't start to loose much weight from running. Just did a run and had a tough 20 minute 'work out' session afterwards - arms are feeling 'loose' now! I think I will stick with this :)

    Matteeboy - I'm applying for pilot - I fit the size restrictions pretty well (short, reasonable arm/leg length), but I am just quite light - the minimum weight is 57kg - I'm just under that. My legs are very large as a result of running and mountain biking, but I lack any substantial upper body weight.
  • MilkieMilkie Posts: 377
    Oooh a pilot !!!!

    Good luck. :)

    I'm not the only lightweight around here then!!
  • MatteeboyMatteeboy Posts: 996
    Pete - if you need any help, let me know.

    Upper body training is my "speciality" - taught kickboxing for years, do lots of surfing. swimming, etc and can do some quite bizarre upper body strength "stunts".

    Have developed a pretty good home routine over the years which needs very little kit.

    Good luck with the selection and I'm bright green with envy if you get in!
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  • MilkieMilkie Posts: 377
    Matteeboy, let us in on your home routine secrets!

    I really gotta step up my routine, not much is happening.
  • MatteeboyMatteeboy Posts: 996
    Milkie - what are you currently doing?

    For my stuff you need:

    Three stout chairs.
    Two reasonable weight (say 10kg) dumbells.
    A wall to lean against.

    And if possible, a pull up bar (very much optional) and a skipping rope.

    Very very briefly it's:

    Warm up for about 2-4 mins with skipping rope (or jog around the house!)

    Stretch - won't detail it but it's vital to do this after warming up.

    I only do one set of most of these:


    One legged deadlifts with 1 x 10kg in each hand. If these hurt, do squats with weights.
    These get your blood pumping ready for the workout. Make sure you can do 10-15.

    Calf raises - off a step and with weights in each hand. Leave the weights out if you can't do 20.


    Warm up press ups - 10 normals, 10 "clapping" ones.

    High intensity press ups - two feet on a chair, each hand on one chair, go "below" ground level. If these are too harsh, so normal ones.

    More high intensity press ups - Feet on the floor, each hand on a dumbell on the floor (to support each hand) - they hurt!


    Pull ups - I do 20 but they are tricky. Do one armed bent over rows with a weight in your hand (lean on a chair)


    I do handstand press ups against a wall - if these are too hard, do shoulder presses with two dumbells.

    Shoulder raises - with a dumbell if possible (quite hard)


    I do "chinese press ups" x10 but but they are very hard. Try press ups with your hands touching (killer triceps burn!)

    Then french presses (stand up, arm above head, bend at the elbow and straighten your arm) with a dumbell.


    Do curls (standing up) with weights but keep the form perfect

    Then concentration curls - sit down, lean your elbow inside your leg and curl - much harder than normal curls


    Crunches (I do about 100, do less if they hurt!)

    Sit ups (50-80)


    Should take you about 3/4 of an hour. Do it three times a week.
    Any longer and you'll get bored and overtrain.

    Shout if any of this needs explaining further!
    Two Stumpjumpers, a Rockhopper Disk and an old British Eagle.
  • god1406god1406 Posts: 554
    I started doing some improvised 'weightlifting' with massive books and an office chair recently :)

    Since starting i've put on 1/2 a stone in about a month after being 11 stone for 2 years...

    some of which is hopefully muscle!
  • Wow thanks Matteeboy - I will definitely be using some/most of that routine. Thanks again all for the help!
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