ooh eck! I repremanded an elderly gent in a car.....

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but he did nearly kill me....
He was performing a right turn across my right of way, despite the blinding sun in my eyes I'd seen him and thought, "what if..." - sure enough what if happened and I was able to brake and take evasive action. So I followed him as he was heading into the supermarket car park. THEN, when he turned right he didn't check his nearside mirror and cut me up. Eventually he parked and I addressed him. I told him that I wasn't going to be abusive to him but just wanted to point out his 2 potentially fatal errors. He said he used to cycle until recently. I just wanted to point out that he ought to be more aware for cyclists (and any other road user) in future.
To be fair to him he took it in good spirit (think he was grateful that I wasn't wielding my pump!) However I felt really guilty when I got home - should I have just taken it on the chin and been glad I was still alive thanks to my own alertness, intuition and roadcraft?
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    ...sounds like you were polite and weren't ranting. I wouldn't worry...
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    ...as long as you folded his wing mirrors in...

    You seem to have done the right thing there - especially if he was unaware that he'd done it. He should take more care next time, and be safer!
  • Clever Pun
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    yes, you weren't abusive, in fact you may have saved someones life in the future

    Hopefully he'll be more careful in future unless he's got Alzheimer's...
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    Nicely done.
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  • watlin9
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    You definitely shouldn't feel guilty there.
    Very glad to hear that there are some road users who take some responsibility & hold their hands up when in the wrong - unlike todays incident for me when a young lady attempted to pull out & ram me on an island whilst on her mobile phone! As i came along side her in traffic shaking my head - her passenger friend decided to give me the V's!
    The mind boggles!