Should have been a good day but...

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Last night I planned my first 100 mile ride, got all my clothes, food and drink sorted and went to bed early. This morning I left the house just after 7 and was enjoying one of the best days we've had in ages. It was cold but there was hardly any wind.

After about 18 miles I was cycling along a fairly narrow A road with a solid double white line in the road to prohibit overtaking when a lorry started to overtake me. The road bent to the left and maybe because other cars were coming, the lorry started to push me over to the left. I basically ran out of road and my back wheel fell into a massive hole at the side of the road. My right foot broke free from the cleat and after a big skid, I ended up sitting on the road with a long line cars stopped waiting for me.

My rear rim had 2 big dents in it and was out of line, my tyre wall was partially shredded. I had 2 flats and my saddle was slightly ripped. My carbon frame and drivetrain seem to be untouched and my clothes were OK, so that's a relief.

I thought I might be able freewheel to the nearest train station so I fixed the flats and took off my rear brake blocks, but I soon found out that the rim was so bent that it rubbed my frame on both sides when the wheel spun, not a good thing to have an alloy rim rubbing against a carbon frame :shock:

So I carried the bike for 6 miles and ruined my cleats in the process!

I think I should be able to rebuild the wheel, it is a standard Planet-x model C wheel and a pair only cost £125. Does anyone know how much it costs to rebuild a wheel??

Also has anyone made a claim for accidental damage on their home insurance for a similar accident?

One good thing happened though, 2 fellow cyclists stopped at separate times to see if I was OK walking down the road carrying my bike!!

It's hard work this cycling thing...

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    Gutted for you - what a nightmare!
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    Any of the car drivers get the lorry's reg - or did you notice a company name on it?

    I would report it to the police - ya never know.
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    Glad you're in one piece. Definitely worth reporting if you've got the details.

    I had a similar experience, but managed to avoid an accident. Riding along a narrow B road with a blind right hand bend just ahead. A lorry decides to overtake me, moving over to the right side of the road. Because it was a blind bend he didn't know there was a queue of traffic up ahead (waiting at a level crossing - which he must have been aware of). He was parallel to me when he notices the queue, and decides to move back into lane to avoid obsructing the right hand side of the road. Unfortunately, I was in the lane at the time and to avoid being squeezed between lorry and kirb I had to break as hard as possible and use my legs to slow down (was riding fixed).
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    Unreal - absolutely gutting to have done all the prep (mentally too!) to have it ruined by some complete incompetent who couldn't stand to be behind a cyclist.
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    That mutha fuggin' truck driver :shock:
    What a poor result - I feel for you.

    What do I ride? Now that's an Enigma!
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    "I would report it to the police - ya never know."

    Seconded. Failing to stop etc. Plus IF you are able to make a claim under your own insurance, then can only help.

    Bad experience - but glad YOU are OK.
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